Three Things Thursday – 9/1/2016


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain

Bring the happy!

Minimalist Office


I’m proud of my office space at home being minimalist and only what I truly need in my office.  It’s not cluttered with make-up (wife sells Mary Kay), piles of clothes (bedroom closet), or random stuff that may or may not belong to someone in the house.  It’s a place I can go on hard days to read WordPress Discover and find some like minded blogs to follow.

Daughters Play Area


This is what I have to walk past when going to my office.  You probably think this is a disaster based on the display of stuff, but actually, this is quite the feat from the daughter as there is approximately 50% less stuff here.  I’m impressed with her wanting to declutter so that her area isn’t the complete opposite of my office.  I am pushing her to really really think about what she holds onto and truly only keep what she needs rather than thinking about the “what if” when deciding to throw something out.

Your Door Hurts My Eyes


Yes, my wife painted our front door a bright yellow.  I should have taken the picture with a hot dog in the frame with the caption “Have any mustard?”  Yes, I chuckled to myself thinking about that.  I have to admit though I kind of like the bold color choice.  I saw some of the other contenders and wasn’t in love with really anything.  I did nix the bermuda blue/green color she originally had as I just didn’t feel it.  I can handle seeing yellow every day when walking in from work.


  1. I love the door!!! I’m thinking of painting ours a nice, bright cobalt blue…currently it’s a rather ho-hum hunter green color. I think the yellow was a fantastic choice! 😀

    Your office space looks great! I also keep a minimalist office space, but it has way more flowers than yours. 😉 We made the choice last year when Grace left the joy of home school to go to the joy of art school that she would use my office for her homework space…since it’s dual purpose and shared, we have to make sure to keep things clutter free and functional or we would both go nutty.

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  2. It’s good to have a workspace that suits you as an individual… personally I love my clutter with shelves and shelves of books and drawers full of craft materials, although I am cutting out all the things that don’t inspire me… almost all the teaching props and notes have now gone and that’s a great relief.
    I think the sunshine door is great.

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    1. There is something comforting about clutter surrounding you while in an office. It doesn’t work for me, but I do see the appeal, my wife’s workspace is a disaster, lol. The sunshine door, in all its glory, has certainly turned more than a few heads in the neighborhood, my wife gets the credit though.

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