It was an interesting weekend that capped off with something really awesome…..I was picked up as a contributor to EatPrayVote.  I’ll soon be removing all anonymity from this blog, but won’t be advertising my full name in too many places.  It’s related to the fact that I wanted to contribute under my real name rather than a pen-name.

Politically related posting on this site will be limited to non-existent as they’re all going to be published on EatPrayVote and that will take this blog back to personal topics.  One topic that I’ve missed writing about is technology, and my post schedule will be updated to reflect some of these changes (basically removing the Friday post).

I’ll post more later this week once things get more settled in.  Glad to have all of those who follow me (especially the new ones lately) and hope that what I write is interesting enough for you to to stick around.  I do enjoy writing and of course, reading.