What a horrible two weeks it’s been for me and the family. Not only did I eat something bad at a dinner event two weekends ago and get mild food poisoning for the entire weekend, but the following weekend the entire family ended up getting the flu. Two wasted weekends with work in between makes for a horrible two-week period where almost nothing was accomplished that needed to get accomplished.

While I’m not happy about this, I’m thankful that I was the one that got the worst of the flu and was the sickest in the family because I don’t have any other issues such as asthma to deal with. Fairly soon after I was finally starting to feel better from evacuating everything from my body the weekend prior, I could feel the familiar symptoms of what I thought was a cold. Pretty quickly I realized after a day, when the chills started, my cold was not a cold and I made it to the urgent care to get tested for the flu and of course it was positive. They hooked me up with the flu pills, but that helps only so much. I still had the fever, chills, runny nose, coughing, and the horrible body aches that made it hard to move around and do anything. Already tired from the weekend before, I was now getting hammered by the flu. A full week later, I’m still not fully recovered and can’t make it a full day without crashing around 4 or 5 in the early evening.

Know the symptoms so you get the correct care

The irony of all this is that I managed, through careful perseverance and caution to avoid getting anything related to COVID for the last two years. Heck, I avoided getting even a cold for the last two years because of the abundance of caution I exercised even with regular trips to the gym the last 10-12 months. Then, in the span of two weeks, I get poisoned by food (not my fault) and catch the flu (likely my fault) which resulted in a one-two punch to my system. Seeing the news of yet another variant on the horizon does not make me feel any better and the lack of concern in the U.S. is honestly just depressing. The “it’s against my constitutional rights to wear a mask” crowd can go eat a container of Tide pods and take a long drive off a short pier.

I’m tired, but slowly getting better each day. I hope to return to the gym tomorrow and get back into my regular routine because I just feel “off” the last few days. Here’s to the sun setting later in the day (stupid daylight saving) and warmer weather ahead!