Blog Policy

As these are my personal views and positions on a wide variety of topics and subjects, as such, can and will be incorrect or misguided at times.  I’ll quickly admit when I’m wrong when a counter-point is given that demonstrates how and why I’m incorrect.  As with any learning journey or discovery, no one ever gets it right on the first try all the time.  Please keep that in mind when reading and making comments.  Below are the general guidelines for this blog to ensure that your comments are published.

All comments are moderated prior to being approved.

  • Comments made to any post must be on topic and relevant to the content of the post.  As replies are made that stray from the general topic of the post, as long as they’re constructive to the conversation, they’ll be allowed.
  • Personal attacks on me or any of the commenters on this blog will not be tolerated and as such, will not be published.  Negativity is not constructive under any circumstances.
  • Profanity of any kind is not tolerated

Lets keep things civil and above board for the sake of everyone here.