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Three Things Thursday – Aug 18, 2016


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain

Three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy.

ITIL Training

Ok, so training isn’t exactly a fun or happy thing to do. I find training to be a bit boring if I’m being honest, however in this case the instructor was a massive bundle of excited energy. It made the class (three days) fly by and I’m happy I got lucky with an instructor that made it seem interesting.

Farmers Markets

My wife and rediscovered the awesomeness that is the local farmers market this past weekend. Entering with a handful of cash, we left with several bags of local fruits and vegetables. There was even some farm raised beef and chicken in there as well that we turned into several cook-now-freeze-for-later dinners. You can bet we’ll be heading back this weekend as having fresh stuff forces you to plan and eat it all in a few days or it goes bad.

Back to School

I’m already getting happy that it’s almost back to school time for my daughter. Her routine, or lack of routine, has started to affect anything we need to do that differs from what she wants to do. Her going back to school effectively forces everyone back onto a routine that keeps everyone, including myself, happy. Not technically something that has happened, but the prospect of it happening is making me happy about it now.

Three Things Thursday

Inspired by Nerd in the Brain


*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy*

Some of my recent posts have been really heavy, so I’m taking this weeks TTT to focus on the things that truly make me personally happy. Added some of my own photography (mobile phone) to make the post more interesting.


Perhaps the only true favorite candy that I will almost never say “No” to while in the store. I have yet to walk past an “impulse buy display” of these things. Yeah, if I could take only one food to the deserted island….. Twizzlers!


K.C. is my German Sheppard. She loves to smile. I’ve caught her numerous times with my camera smiling after saying “Are you hungry?” This is the first dog of many I’ve had that actually look like they’re smiling.

Dr. Who

This was given to me by someone who was decluttering their home to make it ready to sell. It was given to them as a gift and they weren’t really a Dr. Who fan (I know, crazy talk!) Anyway, she brought this to me one random afternoon and it’s been on my desk ever since. It plays the TARDIS sound when you push the blue light on the top. You know I hit that light at least once every day! LOL!

Looking forward to seeing everyone elses TTT posts today!

Three Things Thursday 8/4/2016


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain – *three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy*

Working from home

I know, this is a repeat.  It’s one of my TTT this week for another reason.  I had meticulously selected several pieces  of wall hanging items since my last WFH and over lunch, decided to hang them up in my office.  I forgot to take a picture of my beautifully decorated minimalist inspired office so as to share the awesomeness.  I selected a splatter paint picture that I had a winning bid on to support a past 4th grade class at my daughters school, a framed 50 State Quarters map that took me 6 years to complete, and a picture of the daughter dressed up like Dr. Who.  Made for a better afternoon than morning and inspired me to not be my usual procrastinating self.

Almost school time

I can’t put into words just how much I’m happy that it’s almost school time.  The schedule lately has been so erratic with bed times, etc. that it’s starting to make me nuts.  The daughter was up until 10pm last night trying to spy on us watching Arrow but doing a very poor job of it (I heard her every time).  It’s been a struggle all summer long to get her to read and do education based activities, so the first day of school will be met with my open arms and her complaining.


This is a rather broad thing and is very subjective.  My recent usage of technology has been to assist me in making my life a little easier in some areas that had consistently caused me pain and heartburn.  Paying the bills.  I converted my entire check register system (a mess) into an online system to help me save and budget properly.  The site is manual and not stored on the Internet as my security conscious self won’t allow anything other than that for protection of my personal information.  The result has been amazing as it now only takes me about an hour to pay a months worth of bills (I get paid monthly).  Used to take me over 3 hours sometimes.

Three Things Thursday


As seen on Nerd in the Brain

1 – Listening friends

Hitting a rough patch this past week (see Where Am I?), I had the awesome opportunity and availability of a friend to listen to me, well, bitch/moan/complain. It was very therapeutic and certainly helped a lot. A few beers between friends helped keep the brain vomit flowing and they even joined in at certain points as well. Here’s to mutual friends helping each other out on a bad day.

2 – Arrow

I’ve embarked on another Netflix binge and am trying to control my “fires of hell” urge to call off work and rip through three seasons in under a day. After having come off watching Flashpoint, Primeval, and Leverage, I recovered enough to start watching Arrow. An amazingly dark and brooding type of show with just enough violence to make it interesting but not so much that it’s hard to watch. It’s also not bad seeing Emily Bett Richards and Katie Cassidy in almost every episode. Shout out to John Barrowman, who will be forever known to me as Capt. Jack Harkness (Dr. Who / Torchwood)!!!!

3 – Courage

I’m a private person, and have since 2012, run this blog as “private” and discouraged search engines. Having read through all the posts, and confirming that there isn’t a shred of personally identifiable information from my real life, I decided to open things up and make this a public blog. I’ve had several people stop by and start to follow, people I probably wouldn’t have found on my own. Discovered the long way that you can’t be found if you’re not listed in the first place.

Three Things Thursday: July 21, 2016




*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy* (Nerd in the Brain)

#1 – My daughter at her Aunt’s house

The daughter is spending this week at her Aunt’s house at the beach (the shore if you’re in New Jersey or Pennsylvania). With a pool in the backyard of her house, there is only one place she wants to be: in the pool. This picture was taken on the first day (this past Sunday) at around 8:45am. Seriously, she didn’t wait for anyone else to wake up before getting into the water. I’m sure if she could change into some sort of water creature, she would. I’ve reminded my sister-in-law a hundred times this week to keep her covered in sun screen. I’d prefer my daughter not look like crispy bacon.

#2 – Working from home

After weeks of pushing the request to work from home one day per week, it was FINALLY approved on a provisional basis until I can prove that I’m at least as effective at home as I am in the office. Well, duh, I’m more effective because I don’t have people rolling up and asking questions without regard for anything that I’m currently doing. My office is carpeted, painted, clean, and finally taken for a test drive yesterday. I intelligently stacked my day with document reviews and meetings to show I’m as available (if not more) when at home vs. in the office. My eventual goal is to work from home Tuesday-Thursday and only be in the office on Monday’s and Friday’s, typically the worst days of the week. No fair letting all the other people have fun on the top and bottom end of the week.

#3 – Spontaneous trip to the movies (wife and I)

Sunday afternoon the wife said to me “Lets go the movies.” I asked what she wanted to see and she told me Ghostbusters. I was like, “hell yeah” and snatched up tickets online. The daughter wasn’t with us so it was a pleasant surprise to do something without wondering if it would be a problem with the 9 year old CEO of the household. The movie wasn’t as funny as I had expected, but very entertaining none the less. Not sure it was $15/ticket entertaining, but whatever, it’s money that wasn’t spent on things for the house.