Three Things Thursday – 04/27/2017


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain




The cat has been on a real tear recently with eating, puking, eating some more, repeat….  We don’t have the cash right now to pay for a ridiculously expensive vet visit and think it’s probably a big hairball or something.  He’s been sleeping like this covering his nose and face with a paw.  As long as he manages to keep some of his food down, we’re good.  He’s going to be 12 this year.

The Daughter, 10 years ago


The wife and I were going through old pictures in an attempt to organize our giant 100GB directory of pictures taken over the last decade or so and came across a bunch of the daughter.  This was roughly, give or take a few weeks, 10 years ago just after Easter.  Everytime we put her in this seat, that vibrated, she smiled and giggled the whole time.  I miss these days sometimes.

The Daughter, Now


I need to remind everyone, this girl is 10 years old!  She was all dressed up going to a baby shower this past weekend with my wife.  I took picutres of the both of them as its rare for any of us to get dressed up for anything.  I realized very quickly I’m in trouble when she gets a few years older when my wife told me that boys (nephews of the expectant mother), aged 14-16, were talking to her at the party.  They apparently didn’t know she was only 10.

TTT Weekly Music Recommendation


Step Up (I’m On It)

by Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster

Three Things Thursday – 2/23/2017


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain


It seems strange to me that I’m still using the “Winter” graphic when for the last few days, it’s reached 70 and has been absolutely beautiful here in the north east.  I hope it holds out, but this is how it was last year just before we had 30″ of snow dumped on us over a long weekend in March.  Here’s hoping that I get to use my repaired snow blower before having to stow it away again until next year.

Random Painting


This is hard to look at when I’m feeling vertical

My wife came home one weekend with a large painting she picked up from the local Home Goods store.  She ended up getting it for $15, accidentally marked down as clearance, and its now hanging up in my stairwell from upstairs to downstairs.  It matches the front door, when its open, otherwise it’s something that still startles me every morning as I walk down to get coffee and leave for work.

Evil Floof


NO!  My chew toy!  Floof off dog!

This dude, named Harley, is an old asshole of a cat.  He not only stole the dog’s bed but also stole the dogs chew toy.  Every time KC would come over to grab it, Harley would swat at KC’s nose and she would wimper away to my wife or I to help save the day.  I just looked at KC and told her to grow a pair and grab the toy from the cat that has no claws.  KC is such a wuss.

Friendly Girl Scout Cookie Rivalry


Cookies taste so much better when they’re $3.99

Probably the most hilarous thing I’ve seen in the office to date.  One box showed up, as usual, from the guy that has three daughters.  A few days later, another box showed up that I thought was an amazing bargain.  Decide for yourself if you think it’s as much of a bargain as I did, because saving a penny is better than not saving a penny.  Oh, and I’m “that” guy, I put in exactly $3.99 for a box of cookies.  I went over a hour or so later and took back the change and gave the guy $1 in return.

TTT Weekly Music Choice


We’re taking it old school again this week, enjoy.

Appetite for Destruction by Guns N’ Roses

Three Things Thursday – 01/19/2017


Inspired by Ms. Emily’s Home for Full-Grown Nerds

Bring the happy!

New phone


The back of this is glass!!

I wrote about this earlier this week.  My plan was to pay outright without having to finance a new phone but AT&T and their stupid Next Plan had me locked in.  I saved $133 on a useless phone (for me) to instead invest that into a new phone that isn’t useless.  At some point I’ll pay off the phone later this year or early next year as I just did with my wife’s phone.

Green Arrow protection


Back off, protected by Green Arrow!

This little guy is now protecting the Dogbert coffee mug and Daughter mug at my office desk.  He’s got some sharp arrows draw on his back and his big head gives him near 360 degree views of my cubicle.  No one better touch my mugs, lol.

Old pictures


This was way before bad teeth, sinus infections, and weepy crust-covered eyes.  Those eyes are saying “Feed me, then pet me, then feed me again.”

I found this picture in some archive I found while consolidating all my pictures onto a single backup drive.  It was one of the first pictures I took with the new Digital SLR that my wife and I purchased after we had our daughter.  How can you not love this face?  Unfortunately that was 10 years ago and his progressed age has all but changed him into an asshole licking plastic bags at 2am in the morning.

TTT Music Album Recommendation


Rock approved!


Rise Again
by The Dreaming

Three Things Thursday – 12/15/2016


Inspired by Ms. Emily’s Home for Full-Grown Nerds

Bring the happy!



Dating this picture even more, that is a Blackberry work phone at the bottom of the picture.  That phone was awesome btw!

This is the first of two old pictures I found when restoring a backup to my mobile phone, again, after it decided to delete my pictures.  This was my cat, pre-wife, that I absolutely loved.  He unfortunately fell off our loft wall to the floor from about 20′ up.  We think he had a stroke and lost balance.  I won’t go into detail, as this picture is from when he was super healthy, around 2009-ish.



Not a good day for a swim though, the water was around 50F (10C)

I took a “business” trip to Bermuda (I know, Bermuda, go figure) that lasted about 10 days.  The only day I had free I ended up taking a bus to the one end and toured 11 forts that dotted the coast.  This was the picture of the lagoon of one of the larger forts.  The color is correct, the water is green, was a beautifully warm and sunny day that was absolutely awesome for an introvert to experience.  I would certainly go back again.

Lotus Sighting


“Hi, I’m a yellow Lotus.  Can you say YELLOW?”

Saw this Lotus parked at the hotel we stayed at the day of my office party.  It’s a rare sighting indeed in Pennsylvania so far from Philadelphia.  The picture doesn’t do the color justice, it was freaking YELLOW!!  The roof came up to just above my waist.

It’s Cold Outside



Here’s a bonus for this week, consider it wishful thinking that we have snow soon….  Lots of it.  This was a picture from my back door of the table on the deck.  That’s 35″ of snow people!  This snowstorm is what broke my snow blower and of course, once fixed, it didn’t snow again.

TTT Music Album Recommendation


I approve this rock!

by Black River Drive

Three Things Thursday – 11/03/2016


Inspired by Ms. Emily’s Home for Full-Grown Nerds

Bring the happy!

Halloween Horse Dress Up


My daughter has been taking horse riding lessons for a few months now and is starting to get really good.  She dressed up “Mama”, who is the horse that took to her completely from day one, as a Pink Fluffy Unicorn.  She is dressed as Dana, or Diane, the handler for Piplup (some Pokemon thing, I’m so lost).  Anyway, she’s been taking care of this horse and learning to ride since the beginning of the summer and so far hasn’t wanted to quit.  She’s quit everything else she’s tried.  Here’s hoping that I’ll have a picture like this for next year’s TTT.

Thank You Ikea


The television is temporary, the original one died.  Waiting until Christmas to get a new television to fill the gaping hole.

Thank you Ikea for being so awesome making last year’s design and furniture relevant again with new add-ons.  We purchased this dandy entertainment center I think a year or two ago and have added to its functionality with every visit back to Ikea.  This last trip scored us these two drawer inserts for two of the cubbies (lower left and right corner, see the yellow arrows?) so we can hide the stuff we don’t like sitting out in the open.  Notice that there isn’t much on this shelving system as I had my way with it a few weeks back and had a throw away party.  My wife wasn’t thrilled, but as you can see, the clutter-magnet hasn’t been turned back on again.

Harley “I’m not fat, I’m poofy”


This “fluffy butt*” is my cat, who is now 11 and still well over 15 lbs.  He didn’t take the time to acknowledge me taking his picture while eating because, well, cats are like that.  Being an older cat, he’s got “old man” issues to deal with on a regular basis.  He’s still eating, drinking, and pooping with normal ferocity so there aren’t any issues we can’t handle.  His favorite thing to do is walk on my head at night until I wake up so I can then scratch his neck.

*“fluffy butt” and any derivative is the copyright of Nerd in the Brain, lol



Daughter Approved!

TTT Music Album Recommendation

Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns (Deluxe Edition)
by Shaman’s Harvest