Deadly integration of militarism and capitalism

I didn’t mean to start out the new year of 2017 with a downer and most likely opinionated post. That is what has happened though as I decided to read an article with an unassuming title that ended up pissing me off. If you’re interested in reading the source article for all the quoted text:

SOURCE: America Deconstructed: the Great Unraveling

This is what started getting me pissed off…

American GREATNESS is code for world dominance in all areas of life; arguments to the contrary are matters of unjust defamation and internal subversion.

As if we’re so awesome, in our privileged arrogance, to believe that we’re superior to everyone else in the world. What is an American anyway? British, German, Irish, Russian, etc. We all have multicultural roots as hundreds of thousands immigrated to this country from the 1400’s to the 1700’s most often as a punishment. A lucky person was considered to have survived the trip to the “new world” only to be met with conditions worse than the ones they left. I submit that America is not great anymore, we’re not #1 in things that matter, like education and industry, but in things like gun ownership and incarceration. We’ve spent the last 15 years, at least, pushing a military agenda to fuel our capitalist machine to grow wealth for a relatively small portion of our population. Our elite have managed to transform our country into an Oligarchy. Head here to read a good post about oligarchy on In Saner Thought.

Business has been allowed to expand practically without limit, banking even more so, but it is the military factor that has given American capitalism its particular identity, a capitalism bent on solipsistic force-feeding, the ingestion of world power at the expense of other nations and our own people (upwards of 90% of them). Militarism and capitalism comprise a heady brew: the martial spirit turned inward, to ensure conformity with the System as it is, and complicity with its criminal activities (as in war crimes, or more difficult to discern, legitimated violence, in which society’s upper groups enjoy a privileged status, the violence practiced on those below).

The gold standard stopped being a standard in 1971 thanks to the Federal Reserve and Richard Nixon. Ever since then, there has been a slow erosion of policies and law that hindered business and banks from making more money at a quicker pace. The repeal of Glass-Steagall brought banks and lending institutions into the financial market mix as well in the 1990’s. The Fed ran with a 0% interest rate for several years leading up to the financial crisis of 2008-09, where no one in business or banking was held accountable, but Lehman Bros. was used as a scapegoat. My opinion is that they were used to show other businesses what would happen if they didn’t fall into line with the oligarchy that had taken control of our financial systems. The far-reaching powers granted to the President to use military force abroad to protect national security and punish terrorism and those who are harboring terrorists further fueled the capitalist machine.

Finally, don’t judge Trump too harshly, unless of course one is prepared to judge his peers by the same standards as well. Obama is Trump, without the hotels! He is Cheney, without the Wyoming twang, or Bush, the Texas ranch. He is what may be termed, an ultra-imperialist statesman, using liberal cosmetics to disguise policies of repression (targeted assassination, a blip on the radar screen of evil, outweighed by policies, e.g., nuclear modernization) which can bring down the house. Trump is not thereby exempt from criticisms and responsibility; he is a distillation of American political culture (and US culture in general), rashly opinionated, inflated in self-esteem, reactionary in political-economic core beliefs, hateful of those who do not see things in the same way he/she does. This is the start of a bleak winter—not for ourselves alone, but for everyone on the planet, as America’s destructive tendencies come more and more to the foreground.

The eyes of history will be the true judge of Trump and the U.S. democracy in the coming decades. We’re living through an interesting time, faced with a fork in the road, we chose to go with the wildcard candidate hoping that things will get better. The problem I see though, is that corporations, banks, and lobbyist purchased government officials are actually running the country. The President is just the lipstick on the pig that the American people are allowed to see. When media is controlled by the oligarchs, when the financial systems are controlled by the oligarchs, when the government is controlled by the oligarchs, are we not therefore, living in an oligarchy?

It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better if, and when, the American people decide that they’ve had enough of the current system that is systematically favoring the wealthy.

Real news makes me nauseated


counterpunch Inside the Invisible Government; War, Propaganda, Clinton & Trump

So, I read this over lunch today.  I stopped eating, having gotten sick to my stomach.  What I can’t figure out is whether the American people are so trusting that they believe everything they see on mainstream media (MSM) or they just don’t want to discover the truth through a collective TL;DR mentality.  I read on a daily basis now.  I choose now to not fall into line with the rest of MSM and what they’re feeding the American public because I think its important we know what is actually happening.  If all the details aren’t known, the opinion you form on what *is* known is fundamentally flawed and incomplete.

MSM is so good at delivering news to us, usually in the background, that broadcasts almost have a lulling type of cadence to them.  Speech is measured, tone is even and dull, anyone listening is lured into a false sense of security and understanding.  Where is all the reporting of even half of what’s in the above article on Iraq, Iran, Honduras, Syria, Yemen?  Why aren’t people angry over the fact they’re getting played for idiots?  Well, not being one of them, I can’t give an honest answer; I’m reading real news, I’m angry, I’m talking to anyone who’ll lend me half their attention to shake the fog that has descended over the American public.  Knowledge is the power the MSM, government, politicians, and rich white privileged people don’t want “commoners” to have.  The propaganda spin machine is full throttle and speeding along faster than ever in the last 100 years.

counterpunch Roaming Charges:  Comfortably Dumb

Here is the opposite side of MSM and it’s minions.  When things are happening that are hard to hide from, you just ignore them.  No comments, no reports, no opinions.  Just play “dumb” to the few scant reports that actually get through the paid-off, sort of self-imposed, media blackout of the events.  HRC has a long and verifiable history of dodging claims of impropriety, greed, war mongering, and the such.  When you know the media is owned and controlled by people that are in collusion with you to feed the propaganda machine, it’s frightening easy to make up whatever story that suits your needs.

I think I’m going to create the CounterPunch diet.  Read real news, everyday, and you’ll lose weight because you won’t WANT to eat anything.

Being uninformed is not bliss

Inspiration: Media to Voters: Drop Dead, We’re Getting Hillary Elected

How can we fight this? The mainstream media has implied, we as voters, are stupid. Sheep following the Sheep Dog, obeying every nudge in the direction of the fenced corral that leads to slaughter. Mainstream Media (MSM) is now a juggernaut controlled by the will of a few people to manipulate what we see, read, hear, watch all over this country. Mountains of damning evidence has been posted to WikiLeaks (WL) in the past week with barely a mention on any of the major news networks or sites. This is what happens when the majority of MSM is owned by people with special interests and something to gain by selectively reporting on certain news to support their private positions.

For the last week, I’ve been reading CounterPunch and The Intercept several times a day. I’ve discovered, not to my surprise, that MSM has selected to report only on the information it receives and is approved to report on. Several WL emails released are literal proof that this is happening and is hard to ignore. CounterPunch more than anywhere else, is reporting news in a format that all MSM has lost the ability to or been prevented from doing. As an example, here is a listing of articles that have recently been posted to CounterPunch:


For contrast, here is Bing News and Google News:



What is unfortunate though, is that the majority of people who *do* end up going out to vote are typically the older generations of 50 and over. This group of people have traditionally received their news from newspapers (local and national) and the local news outlets (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, etc.). I’ve not seen a newspaper or watched local media for several years, so am far from an expert on what they’re choosing to report and broadcast. What I can observe are my parents, whom still get a daily paper and watch ABC primarily, spout off nonsense details that, to an informed individual, are obviously nonsense. Appeals to their individual intelligence supported by facts that can be proven go unanswered and unwavering support for a “lesser of two evils” candidate continues.

My real fear in all of this discovery, is that until a generation used to getting their news from print and local media outlets goes away, we’re going to continue down this path of monopolization. At what point do people finally decide to question whats going on and start to make a change? I’ve made my change, I’m questioning everything until I’m able to verify it from multiple sources. E.g., the “official” warning that claimed that the Podesta emails were forged and tampered, without proof to back that statement, is a flat-out manufactured LIE to deceive and divert a public to other stories. It was successful though, as you don’t see a single WL news link in anything from Google or Bing. My simple point here is that in order to change this MSM monopoly, enough people have to choose to NOT read what MSM is spewing. We have to choose to be informed and find news sources that allow that to happen.

The appeal I’m making is not focused on getting people to listen. Rather, its focused on getting people I know to just read a few articles on CounterPunch or The Intercept and then DECIDE for themselves if its worth their time to continue. Some do, some don’t. The ones that don’t, I stop trying. The ones that do, however, generally are open to some discussions that continue the conversation towards an informed consensus. What conversations are you having?

“An Inconvenient Truth”

I watched this documentary again last night after having seen it a few years ago. For those that aren’t familiar, this is the documentary that Al Gore released on the problem of global warming. Knowing most of the facts, as I’m convinced it’s been happening for decades, I’m still so confused why some still don’t see it. This isn’t a standard topic anymore in mainstream media and I believe the lack of coverage has lulled people into a sense of comfort that things are changing and getting fixed. That is so far from the actual truth. This post isn’t about global warming though despite using the title from the documentary. I felt it needed clarification.

Al Gore made some really good points about how truth is often inconvenient to things like economy, power, politics, personal wealth, a requirement to change. One such example he gave, that is used as an argument, is an old-school balance showing gold bars on one side and the entire planet Earth on the other. His point was that the economy could never be compared to the whole planet becuase if the planet stopped supporting life, no amount of gold could compensate for that. Unforutnately, media and politicians have said that changing things to slow or reverse global warming effects would impact global economies. I see this as an unwillingness to change (they won’t get richer) now because its a problem other generations will have to endure (they’ll die rich). Typing that just now, I see how ridiculous that argument actually is. The cost of not doing anything will result in a world that we will not recognize in 50-100 years. How can I tell my daughter that its her responsibility to fix?

The term “inconvenient truth” can be applied to a lot of the issues that we’re currently facing in this year’s Presidential election. It’s inconvenient for the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) to allow parties other than Democrats and Republicans to participate in the debates. Doing so would allow the American people a real choice in candidates and break the duopoloy that the current political system has created and fought to preserve. The 15% polling rule to allow a third party candidate to debate is unfair for multiple reasons, especially when the polls selected are chosen by the CPD. I wrote about that here.

The term “inconvenient truth” can be applied to the massive amount of debt the U.S. is carrying right now to the tune of around $20 trillion. Taking into account that $9 trillion of that was the result of the bailout in 2008-09 by the Federal Reserve, it’s inconvenient to think that the recovery we’ve had in the resulting years since is propped up on money that was printed. Any normal business operating with a 97% debt ratio would certainly fail if drastic changes to the company are not made. The government is unwilling or unable to make the changes necessary to start to address the amount of debt we have in place. A core concept of Liberalism is debt cancellation, a concept that I think we’re going to have to embrace in the near future in order to prevent the collapse of the American financial system.

The term “inconvenient truth” can be applied to Donald Trump. For all the negativity he represents, the American people elected him through a national primary that he won squarely; the jury is still out on whether he won it fairly. He used a rhetoric that resonated with a lot of Americans in that they had a way to show their anger and frustration by pushing a button in a voting booth. We’re now living with all the discovered inconvenient truths of his paste and realize now that this person is a few weeks away of becoming our next President; for 4 years. My concern about the political system aside, this man is NOT the person we want representing America to the world. We’re already being laughed at as a result of this year’s Presidential race. The last thing we need is to have this type of individual in the seat of the President.

The term “inconvenient truth” can be applied to everyone questioning the system and seeking information to become more informed. It isn’t hard for someone to find sources of news and information that aren’t biased or owned by the elite in this country. One such source for news is, a site that I’ve visited multiple times a day since learning about it from a blog post on Learning to Speak Politics. Reading raw and uncensored news was amazingly eye-opening and scary at the same time. Comparing stories on mainstream media with the same content on CounterPunch brings to light the glaring censorship that mainstream media actually has. It would appear to the uninformed or mis-informed that this is not the case. Yes, CounterPunch might be considered radical, but not in the sense that they’re conspiracy theorists, rather in the sense that they have committed to reporting uncensored and unfiltered news. If that’s radical, then consider me a radical.

There is so much around us that we just don’t know about or understand and I’ll be honest, it’s been a difficult journey finding out the truth about our political and financial systems. It wasn’t until I started reading about the founding fathers and economists of their day that I truly understood the scope of the sleeping bomb we’re all sitting on right now. It is not a stretch of the imagination to see that the political and financial systems are integrated so tightly that a minor bump for either of them throws the delicate system completely out of balance. As an example, the political system, fearful of a completely collapse of the financial system, urged the Federal Reserve to bail-out the financial system, in turn, protecting the wealth of the politicians. A sickening cyclical system that self-reinforces with every change in legislation that makes it easier to make more money. It’s the rest of us, the non-wealthy, that end up paying for it with taxes, higher prices, and the burden of increasing debt.

Our entire country is in a pandora’s box of inconvenient truths. I choose to be informed and fight the status quo. How about you?