Got my second arm stick

I went this past Friday to get my second COVID-19 vaccination shot from the local clinic. My thoughts on this are varied and are definitely not politically motivated so anyone who has arrived to this post expecting something political can just keep going. I’m aware this subject has unfortunately become politically charged but at the end of the day its always going to be a personal decision because its only you that goes into the room to get the your vaccination.

My reasons are more personal as I’ve seen what this virus is capable of doing to people. If you know enough people with underlying conditions or people in hazardous professions you’re going to have a high percentage potential of seeing more than “just a cold” as some will say. I know people who have gone onto machines and come out the other side and I’ve known people who never woke up again and didn’t have proper funerals. There are no words for someone when in the back of your mind you have the questions “would a mask have prevented this?” or “would stricter quarantines have prevented this?” My wife reluctantly has gone for the vaccine she claims so she doesn’t have to worry about being around her parents who themselves have received their vaccine as well. Asking her about the reluctance the response was a regurgitation of empty and unsubstantiated talking points from Facebook, or some other social media site. She got the vaccine, so that’s what matters, its unfortunate that the circumstances are negative for her since future vaccinations might not cross the finish line.

I’ve always and remain a firm believer in science and the methods that are used to provide answers to questions and solve problems. Science was able to identify coronavirus as a global threat very early in 2020 and private companies immediately started working on a breakthrough mRNA vaccine. This fact has made it possible for me to have had my second dose 15 months after the global pandemic was declared. We have been using vaccines for more than half a century with a relatively safe track record. The anti-vaxxer movement is depressing in that its putting children that don’t have a choice at serious risk to diseases and viruses that were once considered on the verge of being eradicated. Adults are joining this movement as they now have the opportunity to refuse a vaccine themselves.

Getting the vaccine is just the right thing to do. It protects you from others that aren’t being considerate or compassionate of those around them for whatever reason they have. It also protects others you come into contact with as you can’t pass the virus onto others. For me, vaccination has brought a renewed sense of patriotism and pride by contributing to the greater good. It has also lifted a huge amount of fear off my shoulders as I know that my chances of contracting covid-19 is significantly decreased. My path back to the “new normal” has become shortened while being protected from those that are being selfish. Just get the damn vaccine already.

Burning Fields of America

This was not the post I had intended to publish after such a long period of time since my last contribution. It’s needs to get said though.

There was a time not so long ago in my life that I would have been all over the news commenting on posts, following people on Twitter and putting my strong opinions out on the Internet for anyone who cared to read. I was writing a lot online for multiple sources, ran a few sites for myself and others, and even had a decent following for the short period of time I was regularly active. Free time was consumed by constant thinking about what I was going to write next when I got home and sat down to the computer. I would go through news sites and pin articles to my browser bar that I wanted to comment on later that day more often than not never getting back to them again because something else peaked my interest.

All of this wouldn’t last of course and didn’t all crash and burn at the same time, as it was more of a gradual decline and general loss of interest. Days turned into weeks which turned into months where I wouldn’t even think of writing. I stopped following mainstream news sites, stopped following a lot of my regulars on Twitter, deleted a lot of the news feed apps on my mobile phone too. Focus in my life started to become local instead of global and I worried about things around me and in my neighborhood, town, and local city. In hindsight this was very much an introverted reaction to getting overwhelmed and not knowing how to process or deal.

I recently was up way too late a few nights ago seeing how deep the Internet hole went only to get to a dead battery on my mobile phone never getting remotely close to the bottom. I was left with an odd feeling of hopelessness and dread mixed with anger and frustration similar to how ice and fruit are mixed in a blender to make a smoothie. See, a conversation I had with an old friend I had not seen or heard from in years brought into sharp focus just exactly what has been happening the last few days in this country. He was still very much the same person I remembered from so many years ago who got behind the cause du jour of the day and rallied with the followers of said cause. Through the course of this conversation I came to the conclusion that while he was the same person I remembered, he could not say the same about me as I had changed significantly.

Not sure when it quite happened exactly if I’m being truly honest. All I know is that the way I think about the world around me now is not how I used to think about the world around me in previous years. One really good example of this is when the topic of the president comes up in conversation, now always by someone else and never by me anymore. I listen to comments, hear the negativity spewing from people that I know and most of the time respect, and am left thinking about how obvious it is they don’t read half the articles that give them the “facts” now being spoken. We were always going to get to this point, it was inevitable, a country can only take so much stress before things pop off like a bottle rocket.

A global pandemic keeping people inside, away from social contact for weeks on end is enough to drive most people over the edge. I personally had several weeks back in April where I didn’t think I’d make it this far but I did. Now adding on a horrific event of police brutality that kicks off the worst protesting this country has seen likely since the 1960’s, people are just fed up and done. They’re just done. Things are broken and millions of people across the country are peacefully protesting for change that is decades overdue. I personally am in a weird head space emotionally and I’m having a difficult time processing anything significant in general let alone about protests, government, or a global pandemic.

We need to adapt as a nation to survive I think. The best way I know how to start to do that is by making sure we get someone new occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Violent rhetoric begets violent rhetoric, lets break that cycle.

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