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Future of American economics

There is an interesting thing happening right now in the United States. We literally are a people divided between this group or that group. Labels are flying around like birds on a clear day; liberals, conservatives, moderates, far-right, far-left, etc. This hasn't developed overnight, rather, it's been building for decades as the grand plan of … Continue reading Future of American economics

I reject your reality and substitute my own

Tomorrow is election day. The road this year to our next President has been like a road in Pennsylvania strewn with potholes, cracks, and crevasses. Those that live here, you know what I'm talking about and the picture is no surprise to you. I'm left with a nearly impossible choice this year where no matter … Continue reading I reject your reality and substitute my own

“An Inconvenient Truth”

I watched this documentary again last night after having seen it a few years ago. For those that aren't familiar, this is the documentary that Al Gore released on the problem of global warming. Knowing most of the facts, as I'm convinced it's been happening for decades, I'm still so confused why some still don't … Continue reading “An Inconvenient Truth”

Trump is cracking

Here he goes again, blaming everyone other than himself for problems in his own campaign. Some parts of this post are taken directly from the article linked below. Trump Sees Wide-Ranging "Clinton Machine" Conspiracy to Steal Election Highlights In this article, here are the conspiracies he claims are being orchestrated against him: intra-party turmoil over … Continue reading Trump is cracking