Government of the people

Having read the weekends blogs I follow, I'm reminded of the fact that its likely most Americans have not taken the time to read the Declaration of Independence or the United States Constitution and Amendments (Bill of Rights). Having read both of them multiple times, I took the time again to read them just now … Continue reading Government of the people

Three Things Thursday – 10/20/2016

Inspired by Nerd in the Brain Bring the happy! Spotify I'm absolutely loving Spotify. No, I'm not a reseller and I'm not being compensated for saying that. This is a music service for people who like to listen to new music all the time but still appreciate a mix of old and new mixed together … Continue reading Three Things Thursday – 10/20/2016

Why some whites are waking up to racism

Inspired by the article of the same name published by The Washington Post It's my lunch hour when I usually read the news from the previous days events. As I opened this article I was preparing myself for a one-sided and biased article about all the things "whites" do, or not do, to support their "non-white" … Continue reading Why some whites are waking up to racism

Be color brave and achieve on your own

Mellody Hobson: Be color blind or color brave Having been a TED viewer for a few years now since Jamie Oliver did his documentaries on school cafeteria food in the U.S., this one struck a cord with me.  It'd definitely worth the 15 minutes to watch the whole thing.  I was overly impressed with her … Continue reading Be color brave and achieve on your own