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Gratitude to an e-friend

This is going to be an interesting post for me and a deviation from my standard. I was peroozing my followers and after seeing one particular person had been following since the beginning, it struck me that everyone from the “early” years of my blog (2011), she was the only one that stuck with me and didn’t un-follow. I’m not sure if it was related to an “out of sight out of mind” or a failure to adequately prune the listings, but I’m going with the thought that it was on purpose; something positive. Getting to know her as well as you can through electronic means, I’m leaning towards it being a positive thing.

At the time I started my blog, I was in an odd mental place and re-reading some of those early posts, I’m surprised that I had any followers at all. The share setting was private as well, so no one could find me without me finding them first. I’m fairly certain that she was the first person I followed, and in reciprocal fashion, she was the first person to follow me. I really didn’t start actively posting almost daily until about 2 months ago. Prior to that it was one post here, one post there, and even a full year gap between a few of them. We even exchanged some emails with each other directly, so this is literally the only person following me that knows my actual name. No one from my family knows I have this blog and most of them are only aware that I write for myself. They’re not aware of where I do that writing.

Since returning to regular posting, as its been extremely helpful for me, we have continued to post comments on each others blog posts and have continued exchanging emails. This post is a way for me to say that I appreciate the fact that she has stuck with me for 5 years, regardless of the reasons. The support, even though I was unaware, was always there and even though I wasn’t posting, I was still reading and commenting on her blog occasionally.

To you, Deb @ The Monster in Your Closet, I’m sure that even though it doesn’t seem like you’ve been integral in helping me, I can honestly say that your steadfastness has indeed helped me in ways words don’t quite seem to capture. Our newly discovered knowledge of the true political climate in the country has provided yet another avenue of discussion we can both engage in. So, with all this said, I thank you for the support you’ve indirectly given me, the enlightenment that you’ve shared to open my eyes, and I truly and honestly look forward to our continued conversations on our blogs and in email.

Doesn’t feel like it, but it has in fact been 5 years since you followed my blog.

Three Things Thursday – 9/15/2016


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain

Bring the happy!

Bro Time

Today, finally, is a long-awaited day of hanging out with friends. After work, I’m heading to a local restaurant that cooks pizza using coal and the pizza is always well-done. They have flowing beer out of the tap that is seasonal and its never the same thing from one visit to the next. I really enjoy the time I spend with the few friends that I actually have managed to keep where I can talk or say anything I want or need to without fear of getting the “stink-eye” look or the cold shoulder. We’re each others lawyers with a strict confidentiality code.


This black gold substance has been my closest companion the last few weeks due to it being audit season at work. Some Director decided it would be a good idea to consolidate the audits to a specific quarter of the year to save some money and take advantage of bulk audit discounts. Well, there was no thought of the people who have to run and coordinate these audits, as is typical with someone too far removed from the work. So, therefore, coffee has become my elixir of awakeness and alertness. It will continue to serve me well without complaint well into November as well.

Water Softeners

By my estimation, all the hard water has now been removed from my house pipes. Cleaning, showering, and general tasks that require water have become much less apprehensive and easier. We’re using less detergent and soap and are on our way to replacing them with homemade stuff. We’re now drinking water from the tap and the refrigerator now that it isn’t laden with magnesium and calcium, and the filter on the kitchen sink has provided water that is free from other stuff too. Our last bottle of water has been used and we’re no longer spending over $500/year on bottled water. I’m so happy we’re finally able to drink the water out of tap without it feeling like we’re guzzling what can only be described as transparent metallic tasting liquid.