Have a new year….

I wrote this post a few days ago and scheduled it. I’ll most likely be at a party with friends I’d rather not see and do things I would prefer not to do. Any literary motivation would be sufficiently killed if I had sat down and published this on the day it actually was scheduled to post. That being said, I’ve reflected quite a bit on 2016 and the year that seemed to drag slower and slower the farther into it we got. There’s way too much to review in a post, and if I did review everything that impacted me, I would be writing this well into 2017 and probably never actually publish because it would have become too burdensome to proof it.

There were three things that really had an impact to the year that history will most likely judge harshly in the coming decades. Rather, three things that had an impact with me personally. Consider this a top three-year in review for w1nt3l. We all have our own top three, I’m sure, we might even share some, but I am so happy that this year is almost gone and really really hope that it doesn’t carry residuals into 2017. Well, here we go.

Windows 10 for Mobile, titanic shaft to loyal fans

My archives are littered with Windows 10 for Mobile (formerly Windows Phone) going back several years. I was a huge fan of Windows Phone (WP) and had three mobile devices that ran various versions of the mobile operating system. What I failed to realize with my last device is that HTC was going down the same path as Nokia and Blackberry getting complacent that they had their act together and no one could possibly take the top spot. Well, they were wrong, and HTC is in a bad situation right now losing ground to Samsung and Apple. A little known device that ran Windows Phone 8.1 failed to get upgraded by HTC to Windows 10 for Mobile. Multiple excuses were given as to why, there was even some finger-pointing between HTC and Microsoft, but in the end, it came down to the fact that hardly anyone actually purchased one making the user base statistically miniscule compared to the Android version of the same hardware. Windows 10 for Mobile was now a fail whale in my book and I decided to never own another device again. I switched to a cheap-o Android phone that I get frustrated with every time I pick it up; daily reboots, slow, locks up, apps crash, etc. Pure Android is awesome, it starts to suck hard as soon as a manufacturer thinks it can improve it, hence, the previous sentence rings true. 2016 was the death of Windows Mobile in my opinion.

Wasn’t the year of the third-party

I wrote off the Democrats months ago. I was never a Republican. This was the year I went independent and supported a third-party candidate for President. Despite Jill Stein having a really good platform and some ingenious ideas to help fix things, she never captured a lot of support from anywhere in the country. Gary Johnson had a real chance of at least getting to 5% of the popular vote to have a third-party receive national recognition, but one gaffe after another blew all the steam out of his sails. In an election where there was negative news on both Trump and Clinton, unfavorability for both Trump and Clinton and poor performances in debates from Trump and Clinton I would have thought that Americans would have sought an alternative. That was not the case, as Clinton-haters voted from Trump and Trump-haters voted for Clinton. I’m also convinced that a lot of people just didn’t vote because they didn’t like either of them. 2016 was not the year of the third-party candidate unfortunately.

War and terrorism

No one likes any of this. Show me a war or terrorist attack that actually had any positive impact. I made a comment on a post a few weeks back that listed the number of people who died in conflicts from the Civil War to the Vietnam War; ended up being hundreds of millions. Did we really need to let things get that far? Perhaps. Some conflict is just unavoidable when no one on either side is using so much energy for their mouth that they be come deaf and blind. I’m sorry, call me an apologist if you wish, but *I* think there is always a better way that doesn’t involve weapons, death or destruction. In recent weeks, I’ve discovered the true meaning behind “the pen is mightier than the sword” or a more modern version, “the keyboard is mightier than the AR15.” I’d ask when we lost the ability to listen and reason, but I don’t believe we ever had either of those mastered. I’ve chosen to try to make a difference, one person at a time, one reader at a time, until the knowledge pay-it-forward effect is perpetual. 2016 was not the year we chose something other than war.

Have a New Year

I didn’t mean for this to be a downer, but that is what it became. Blame 2016 for being such a year of suck that we’re all better off to have it in the rear-view mirror. The problem is that 2017 looks like a road under construction that is going to continue tearing at the under carriage of the United States and the rest of the world. Buckle your seatbelts, we’re in for some chop.

Election day perceptions

This long and drawn out clown show, aka the 2016 Election, is almost over. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but I’m sure it will be just as fubar as the run up this past year. If you’ve been reading these past few weeks here, you’ll know that I’m a third-party supporter. If you’ve really been reading, you’ll know which third party candidate I supported. The who doesn’t matter anymore and at this point, not worth talking about any longer. I’ve refocused my energy on the things that I think I can do over the next three years to make the 2020 election season more of a democratic process than a two-sided vote for unsavory and unpopular candidates.

I was first in line this morning at my polling location. I was #4 to be checked in. I walked past someone in their car parked up front just outside the door and I was thinking to myself “they’re not first because they didn’t get out”. I honestly didn’t see who was inside the car and hadn’t taken notice. I was in line at 6:30am and was patiently waiting with people lining up behind me for 20 minutes. I caught a glimpse of the person in the car starting to get out and realized she was in her car for a reason; she had two canes and had trouble walking. I motioned for her to come up front to sit down on the bench outside the door and got a few brief looks of disgust from people in line until they turned around and saw the older woman walking up. No one contested her being the first in the door and I was happy that there was some decency left in us as a society.

She thanked me for letting her come up front and sit down on the bench and I just smiled and nodded. That must have been enough for her to think I wanted to have a conversation and asked how many elections I’ve voted in. After telling her I’ve never missed a single vote except for primaries (which are stupid when closed) she proceeded to tell me she’s never missed one either. The first election she voted for President was in 1952 and she proudly voted for Dwight D. Eisenhower. The way she spoke about Adlai Stevenson was similar to the way some people talk about Donald Trump, it was actually quite amusing. I helped her into the building and walked her over to her check-in person.

I honestly had no idea at the beginning of this year how rough the last few months leading up to this election would actually become. The roughness being my own personal awakening to the corruption, lies, deceit, and manipulation that has taken place for as long as four decades. I’m glad it was rough though because I’m in a much better position to not only make better choices, but also speak with others with conviction and facts to back up my statements. I rarely force my opinion on anyone anymore as it has only caused me problems in the past. My approach now is to demonstrate facts and sources to others so that they may, if they choose to, do their own research and form their own opinion. Some will engage with me at a later point in time, others will write me off and I don’t bring it up again. One of the reasons I deleted Facebook was because I no longer tolerated attacks on my right to have an opinion without a valid reason to do so. I’ve accepted that the next four years are going to be extremely difficult for us as a country and I hope that it will be enough to finally make people question their loyalties to an oligarchy that has used them to make themselves more wealthy.

During the last few months, I’ve found others online that have, like me, discovered the cloak of deceit and manipulation.  I’ve learned so much from them.  I’m sure that I’ve lost a few people as well, and that’s OK, they weren’t ready to accept that what they believed to be true could potentially all be based on a huge lie. I respect your choice to vote for the candidate that you think will do the best job; you voted and that’s what is important. For those of you who did not vote, you know who you are, you’re right to complain about the outcomes of this year’s elections has been revoked.

I reject your reality and substitute my own

Tomorrow is election day. The road this year to our next President has been like a road in Pennsylvania strewn with potholes, cracks, and crevasses. Those that live here, you know what I’m talking about and the picture is no surprise to you.


Person added to the lower left for scale.  This is called a “Car Killer” pot hole.

I’m left with a nearly impossible choice this year where no matter what I do, the outcome has almost certainly been decided already. Speaking this morning with two people native to India about the American democracy, I was laughing at the shear ridiculousness of what our system has been turned into. They were confused about the Electoral College and how it was created out of a fundamental distrust the Founding Fathers had of the American people over 200 years ago. Yeah, they didn’t trust the population. At the time, the EC worked, and it functioned as a buffer between the elections and the government. Those distinctions have been eroded and the lines blurred, the EC is no longer an impartial group of people in each state. I think the EC as a whole needs to be investigated for fraud honestly.

Choice 1 – Vote for Hillary Clinton

LOL! ROFL! LMAO! Added for the humor value 🙂

Choice 2 – Vote for Donald Trump

In a world where Hillary Clinton didn’t exist, this might actually be an “ok” choice. He’s self-centered, bigoted, part of the elite, etc. I can’t deny the fact that he’s saying what the American people want to hear and it remains to be seen if he actually could do what he’s saying he wants to do. It’s a risky choice, but Americans have a history of taking the risky choice. I know one thing, a Trump Presidency would certainly be a historic Presidency, that I think no one can dispute.

Choice 3 – Vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein

I know neither candidate can win. I know that a vote for either of them is a vote for the future in the hopes that one or both of them get to at least 5% of the popular vote. What is really frustrating is that we have to endure 4 years of Clinton or Trump to make the potential of a third-party possible in 2020. I’m angry that I didn’t see the effect of a two-party duopoly sooner than this year and that more people aren’t seeing what I’m seeing. One of my friends actually called me a conspiracy theorist for my support of third parties. I’m no longer friends with them, I can’t be around that kind of blind faith in a corrupt system; a closed mind.

My choice?

I probably won’t decide until the curtain closes behind me and the red blinking lights are flashing in front of me tomorrow morning. I wonder how history will judge this year’s elections?

Manipulation of the masses

I watched the “news” this past weekend for the first time in a long time. I’ve exclusively been getting news from 3-4 online sources that I’ve found to be truth leaning and have demonstrated that they’re not controlled by standard mainstream media channels. Sitting there and watching the 30 minute show (actually 17 minutes if you take out the commercials), I was struck with an overwhelming feeling of disgust and anger. At the end of the half hour, I had a disturbingly clear picture of WHY people don’t believe the truth even when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary right in front of them. Americans have been conditioned to believe that anything worth reporting on the news is important, and anything that doesn’t make the cut isn’t worth their time. I’ve already realized that 17 minutes of news is ridiculously inadequate. The manipulation has been so gradual, so subtle, that to think that all mainstream media has been in on this manipulation of the American people is literally a slap in the face of our collective intelligence.

After watching Rigged 2016 recently, I fully understand the total and complete impact of misinformation being shoveled at us through massaged and softened “news” from mainstream media. Most of who I know well get their news from sources that do not include newspapers, local news, or American world news (if you can call it that). From my own observation, which isn’t anywhere near scientific, it would appear that around 45-ish is a divide between television/newspaper (older) and online sources (younger). I understand the reason for this, especially when reading sites like CounterPunch, Wikileaks, and the such. Americans are not stupid, and quite the opposite, they are starting to wake up and realize that their parents and grandparents method of information isn’t reliable. The Internet has allowed for unfiltered and near real-time reporting of incidents that have no chance of being altered before delivery. The documentary explained that the establishment has been backed into a corner where their manipulation has been exposed and people are starting to reject their mainstream thinking. While I’m disappointed that this didn’t happen this year, I can sure as bet my life that 2020 is going to be a monumental and history making election year provided that, at the very least, Libertarians obtain 5% or more of the popular vote. My hope is that the Libertarian and Green party manage to get at least 5% of the popular vote. That would set the stage for Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Greens on the debate stage. A figurative middle finger to the two-party system indeed!

One important lesson I’ve learned recently is that you can’t force someone to change their opinion no matter what evidence you present to them. A Clinton fan will be a fan no matter what they know to be true or not. There is a belief that anything negative is viewed as conspirator rhetoric done on purpose to attack their credibility or character. My own view has been changed and I see her for what she is, a manipulative war-loving elitist that will do everything she can to remain in power (and wealthy). The fact that Trump has no political experience isn’t much better and is as much a part of the corrupt system as Clinton, however he is seeking more power where Clinton is seeking to keep her current power. We are on the verge of an awakening in this country that is causing more and more Americans to question the “business as usual” politics and economics of the last 50 years. Americans are tired, frustrated, and angry of having to struggle every day just to make ends meet. Content released by Wikileaks has been enough to put doubt into the minds of a lot of people around the world. It is no longer accepted that politicians are looking out for our best interests, quite the opposite, they’re looking out for their own interests. I’m angry that we, as a people, have allowed this to take place, but I can accept why it’s happened in the first place. At no point in our history have we had so much information available to us through the Internet, and the failure of the political systems in place to recognize this is our chance to actually make a REAL difference in the course of our country.

Our actions this year and over the next four years are crucial so as to break the stranglehold of the two-party system in our country. Americans are not dumb, despite what Clinton and Trump have said through leaked emails and transcripts. Americans are waking up and have started to take a position that is polarized AGAINST what the Democrats and Republicans have established in the last 50 years. All the racial tensions, all the anger, all the frustration is a symptom of the problem: a government that is too big and corrupt to get out of their own way. I’m a believer that we can affect the change necessary to start making things better. That starts with the recognition that third parties are not just “footnotes” or “afterthoughts”. Third parties are, after this year, a viable alternative to the deplorable two-party system we’ve had shoved down our throats. A really good metaphor from the Rigged 2016 documentary that truly resonated with me: “The political parties are like car manufacturers. People no longer buy Fords or GMs because their parents did. People are making their own choices now.” That resonated with me because my Dad is voting for Trump (because he’s not Clinton) and my Mom is voting for Clinton (because she’s not Trump). I think there is a better choice and I’m choosing to vote third-party. Mainstream media can go to hell, I’m aware of your game, and I will no longer accept your brand of thinking.


Enough about “protest” votes already!

I’m getting so disgusted with the whole voting for a third-party is a protest or wasted vote. Sorry, but I don’t buy into the mainstream media’s view on a third-party vote being a protest or wasted vote. It is my choice, my right, to vote how I see fit. My voting for a third-party counts as a vote for that candidate, PERIOD. If the Democrats or Republicans want to spin the fallacy that voting in this manner is actually voting for one of the candidates in the rigged two-party system, fine. I don’t care. I no longer believe your lies. I no longer wish to be a part of the “system” that has consistently made it harder for me to live my life while they amass more wealth. I’m unfortunately accepting the idea that a third-party candidate probably won’t win or even make a huge difference this year. What I am accepting is that over the next four years, when we’re living with one of two horrible choices, people will finally wake up and do their own research and finally (hopefully) become more informed. More informed on what is being done to them. More informed on the irresponsibility of our elected leaders. More informed on the disadvantages of law being unequally applied to the population. More informed so as to make a better choice and finally break the stranglehold of the two-party political system.

My mother-in-law sent me and my brother-in-law a picture of them putting their Trump yard sign up. I’d already made it very clear to her that I do not wish to engage in anything political this year for fear of causing problems. I can’t change their minds no matter how much I talk to them, so it’s wasted effort in my opinion. Despite this though, she sent the picture anyway. The response from my brother-in-law was to ask where he can get his yard sign. Here’s the conversation:

Me: I can’t vote, in all conscience, for Trump knowing what I know now.
BIL: It’s better than a vote for Billary.
Me: I also choose not to vote for a white supremacist, lying, cheating, 1%’er like Clinton.
BIL: A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Trump! Thanks!
Me: I’m sorry that you’re not informed enough to see the truth.
**removed myself from the SMS conversation**

The above is a conversation that I’m sure is happening all over the country. It seems to me that none of the masses want or wish to seek the truth as they’re satisfied with the status quo. A system that is consistently transferring wealth on a massive and unprecedented scale and the majority is not seeing it happen. The old saying about a frog in water with the heat slowly turned up, ends up killing the frog, is very appropriate here. We need a jolt, an awakening, a massive problem that bluntly exposes the system for what it truly is. People aren’t going to wake up suddenly without something to actually wake them up. A 50% increase in gas prices. Food becoming too expensive to purchase. Another financial collapse that is beyond “too big to fail”, as in a news article estimating that the world is carrying $152 trillion in debt.

I had a very animated conversation with my father this past weekend about the Presidential election that at times, was painful to have. My Mom is set on Clinton, no persuading will change that. My Dad, on the other hand, is open to different ideas that cast shadows on the current candidates. He was unaware that 97% of the available currency in this country is debt. He was unaware that the $9 trillion from the bailout is what is propping up the financial markets. He didn’t know what TPP or TiSA was and how they bypass the WTO and impact the world in a negative way (except for the rich that support it). I didn’t try to persuade him to one candidate or another, I just gave him the clues and encouraged him to go online and read the information for himself. My personal goal is to not judge or put down someone’s views on who they support, rather I steer them towards the information that I have found eye-opening and view changing. It’s up to them as to whether it has the same effect.

We need to have more conversations in this country, otherwise, we’re going to continue our slide into what is starting to be called the worst example of Democracy. A lesson in what not to do.

Year of the third party candidate

Conversations with people over the last several months has consistently floated into politics. I like to consider myself having an open mind and as such, form my opinions based on fact rather than other people’s opinions. I refuse to pander to the mainstream media’s view of “Trump or Clinton” where this is no other choice. My strong opinions and views of both these candidates is barely classified as mediocre at best. The reasons are many, but that isn’t the point of this blog post, rather this blog post is about the rise of the third-party candidate and their strong chances this year to actually affect the elections positively. We have the Libertarian ticket with Johnson/Weld (JW) and the Green ticket with Stein/Baraka (SB). During my research of both, I’ve found a lot more similarity than difference in their positions. The key factor here is if one or both of them can make it to 15% or more on the 6 national polls to allow them an opportunity to participate in the Presidential debates. Without that, I fear that neither will have a major impact on the elections and have a similar impact as Ross Perot and Ron Paul in previous elections.

I’m so frustrated with the back and forth that Trump and Clinton have started. Some of the articles I’ve read make it feel more like two bullies at recess fighting to see who is better, something I’ve had a lot of experience with being on the receiving end of a bully or two. A lesson in how to herd cats, neither the Republican or Democratic party can figure out if they’re looking at their heads or their butts. Media certainly doesn’t make anything better in their obviously filtered decisions on what to cover and what not to cover. Statistics based on polls of males college educated vs. non-college educated, minorities, women college educated vs non-educated, individuals who believe the sky is purple….. the ridiculous list of stats goes on and on. Stats don’t show the true story of what or how people are thinking in my opinion. The stats are the media’s way to justify headlines like “Clinton responds to Trump labeling her a ‘bigot'” and “Clinton see Trump ties to ‘alt-right’ dystopian ideology”. I’m literally shaking my head after typing that last one….. and this comes from the Associated Press of all places. Dystopian ideology indeed. Ask anyone the difference between utopian and dystopian and I’d wager they would need to look it up. I’m a science-fiction fan, so know the different pretty well. Bladerunner = dystopian, The Giver = utopian (but discovered truly dystopian). Star Trek The Next Generation, in essence, is a utopian society in that they eliminated poverty, hunger, war (at least on planets in the Federation). Enough geeking though.

I was close to a decision on a third-party candidate and my choice takes into a lot of factors that technically aren’t relevant to this blog post. The Monster in Your Closet has provided her endorsement and I share a lot of the same viewpoints she does in her support of Jill Stein and the Green Party.  Several of the platform points that I’m behind are:

  • 20 million new jobs by creating WWII-era workforce mobilization to migrate to 100% renewable energy by 2030
  • Label GMOs, and put a moratorium on GMOs and pesticides until they are proven safe
  • Repeal the Taft-Hartley Act which banned secondary boycotts and permitted state “right-to-work” laws. Enact a federal just cause law (to prohibit firing without just cause,) and outlaw scabbing on striking workers
  • Break up “too-big-to-fail” banks and democratize the Federal Reserve
  • Repeal the Patriot Act that violates our constitutional right to privacy and protection against unreasonable search and seizure
  • Abolish the Electoral College and directly elect the President using a national popular vote with ranked-choice voting
  • Restore the right to run for office and eliminate unopposed races by removing ballot access barriers

The above are not in any particular order of importance. A lot of what she is standing for in her platform is what the American public has told her are the problems that need to be corrected. Both the Libertarian and Green parties have listened to the “people” who most politicians have ignored to a large extent. Normal people are not part of the inner circle of greed and therefore, don’t have any leverage to change anything. I’m a normal person and as such, feel powerless to make any change, or so I thought. Both Stein and Johnson have a major battle to not only be part of the debates, but also be listed as a candidate on all 50 state ballots. There are so many rules and blocks to getting on the ballot no wonder we’re stuck in this two-party system rut. Our power as individual voters lies with social media, conversations, and grass-roots efforts of support.

I’ve yet to choose my third-party candidate at this point, however I lean heavily to Stein/Baraka. My decision will most likely come down to who, if any, make enough headway to earn their spot in this years debates. One thing I am certain of though, is that my vote will NOT be for Trump or Clinton, as I feel for me, that is endorsing one of the two school yard bullies. Supporting a bully only results in slightly less attention, but you continue to be bullied regardless. I can no longer support a system that continues to get richer while I struggle to keep myself above water without making any real difference. The difference I’m making this year is in support of the “good Samaritan” that steps in to stop the bully in the schoolyard from picking on me. If one of the third party candidates manage to win the election, it will truly be one for the history books.

Heartburn over next President

Inspired by In which I reluctantly “choose” Hillary by The Monster in Your Closet

There are some topics of discussion that will always get people fired up, one of them being politics. Reading the personal view from one such writer that I’ve been following for a while now, I felt it was about time for me to get out a subjective and honest post about my internal points of view and why I am or am not voting for specific people. As is the case with every political conversation I’ve ever had since forever, my points of view are largely based on observation, reading, listening, and forming an opinion from all those sources (both individual and mainstream). We won’t agree on all of this, but one of the things I find amazing in this country is being able to share opinions with others, not for acceptance, but because we can. Thousands of people do this every day without the need for violence or anger, so lets keep this civil, ok.

DonaldTrumpHairDonald Trump

I’m smiling and chuckling right now. Where do I start with this guy? Obviously I’m not a supporter of Trump at this point despite having a brief glimmer of hope very early on that he’d be the one to shake things up. Well, he’s shaken things up, but not for the better. I see Donald Trump as the poster child of the anti-government establishment and a member of the, often not thought of like this, the 1% (Bernie Sanders plug). I’m often left thinking how people who support him don’t see that he’s part of the group of people that have caused so many problems for all of us. I feel like the 1% see’s the rest of us as minions that help make them more money while we all get poorer. Mr. Trump is portrayed as a buffoon with little or no experience with politics, I offer an alternative theory. Mr. Trump is a lot smarter than most give him credit for and a White House with him a the helm gives me a very nervous view of the future. I see the potential for him to push through legislation that further separates the poor, low, and middle classes from the upper classes, further compounding the problems we’re currently experiencing. The 2008 housing crisis should have been a wake up call that the wealthy are gaming the system to make as much money as they can. They need to be knocked down a few pegs. Lets bring back some of the top tax bracket taxes that existed in the Regan years for starters.

Donald does not have my support or my vote in November.

HillaryClintonSurprisedHillary Clinton

Being the polar opposite of Donald Trump, my gut is telling me she can’t be trusted. I hear her say words, make promises, endorse the right groups and initiatives. I see her doing things that contradict what she says all over the place though that goes back years or in some cases, decades. Call her what you will; flip flopper, waffler, etc. Her track record is spotted with controversy through her whole career, which her husband didn’t help at all to improve. I’ve been in technology for my entire career and still can’t believe that a person in her position would even think that using a personal server was a good idea. This one action of hers forever made me distrust everything she has said since. She does do the right thing when required, she says the right then when people need to hear it, but her actions blatantly say otherwise and anyone who reads just a little (from reputable sources) will see the pattern emerge.

Hillary does not have my support, but could potentially get my vote in November.

Libertarian Party

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m behind on their agendas and candidates. Having seen a few of them in the news lately, I decided that a third party vote from me might be worth it. After reading a lot on Ross Perot and Ron Paul, I see the potential as well as the damage that a third party candidate can do. In the previous elections, especially Perot, they pulled votes from the mainstream party candidates and made what could have been a wide margin a very slim margin. I’m hoping that the strength of the third party here this election cycle could actually make a difference. Anyway, never in a million years would I see myself leaning to a party that also included John McAfee. My personal views on him are technical related and I think he’s just a complete moron.

GaryJohnsonI am supporting Gary Johnson at this point as my potential third party candidate. He has impressed me with the few speeches I’ve seen online and his agenda is actually quite logical and straightforward. The three front runners to his agenda are eliminating personal/corporate taxes, scale back government spending and U.S. entanglements overseas, and create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. I hate paying taxes and will endorse a plan that eliminates them provided that spending is cut more steeply than the lack of revenue from lost taxes. (See Time.com – Can Libertarian Gary Johnson Be a Factor in 2016?) I also support citizenship for undocumented immigrants because, at one point in our history, we were ALL from other countries revolting for independence from all of them. His main support is coming from the fact that he is neither Trump or Clinton, but that isn’t enough for me. I need to do more research.

Johnson has potential support from me and quite possibly my vote as well.

WeirdWeirdo 2016

This year has been one for the record books. Reality TV star as the Republican nominee for President, race violence at an unprecedented coverage level, rich people getting richer, not so rich people getting poorer, and multiple conflicts and wars sucking everyone’s money around the world.

Perhaps migrating to Canada isn’t such a bad idea after all….