Three Things Thursday – Aug 18, 2016


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain

Three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy.

ITIL Training

Ok, so training isn’t exactly a fun or happy thing to do. I find training to be a bit boring if I’m being honest, however in this case the instructor was a massive bundle of excited energy. It made the class (three days) fly by and I’m happy I got lucky with an instructor that made it seem interesting.

Farmers Markets

My wife and rediscovered the awesomeness that is the local farmers market this past weekend. Entering with a handful of cash, we left with several bags of local fruits and vegetables. There was even some farm raised beef and chicken in there as well that we turned into several cook-now-freeze-for-later dinners. You can bet we’ll be heading back this weekend as having fresh stuff forces you to plan and eat it all in a few days or it goes bad.

Back to School

I’m already getting happy that it’s almost back to school time for my daughter. Her routine, or lack of routine, has started to affect anything we need to do that differs from what she wants to do. Her going back to school effectively forces everyone back onto a routine that keeps everyone, including myself, happy. Not technically something that has happened, but the prospect of it happening is making me happy about it now.

ITIL Training = Eyelid Olympics

My company decided that it was time for me to take ITIL Foundation training.  For those of you not in an IT field, this is essentially an industry best practice of standards on how to efficiently and effectively perform change in the IT organization.  I’ve been in the IT industry pretty much the last 17 years or so and practically live and breath the standards that I’m now learning about.  So I don’t refer to things with proper names or terms like they talk about in the training.  I know the methodology regardless of knowing the names of what I’m doing or not.

I can admit that ITIL is not the most exciting, rather, it is one of the more dry and tedious content subjects in IT.  Not even with CISA did I struggle to keep myself motivated for a mere three day class.  The scary part is that there are several levels of ITIL that you can obtain, each certification test getting harder than the previous one.  I’m wishing that the content as you get more detailed picks up in excitement where I can describe it as more riveting than watching paint dry or catching the latest episode of Bass Masters.

There is one more day of endurance training for my eyelids before I sit down to take the 40 question certification exam.  I’ve taken all the practice tests and online test preps and am averaging well above the 65% passing score required.  For me, this really is common sense and as long as I keep the hundreds of terms straight and not get caught up on tricky questions, I should do just fine.  The person that I’m taking the training with unfortunately is not in the same situation.  He’s younger and has less than 5 years experience and is struggling with understanding the terms and how to apply the standards.  I hope he passes.

I probably won’t have another post until Thursday when I give all of you another installment of Three Things Thursday, one of which will hopefully be a passing score on my ITIL Foundations exam.