I'm a Libertarian, officially

This past Thursday, I wrote that I had submitted my voter registration change form to switch from the Democratic party to the Libertarian party. ┬áHere is the screen grab I made to signify the change. Years ago I had been registered as an Independent and revelled in the calls and visits to my home practically … Continue reading I'm a Libertarian, officially

Three Things Thursday – 02/02/2017

Inspired by Nerd in the Brain BRING THE HAPPY! 100 Followers! I finally hit 100 followers after just over 5 years. Admittedly though, my blog wasn't "public" until the past year, so it's a little misleading. Happy to have finally reached that milestone and hope that I continue to organically add followers as I continue … Continue reading Three Things Thursday – 02/02/2017

Manipulation of the masses

I watched the "news" this past weekend for the first time in a long time. I've exclusively been getting news from 3-4 online sources that I've found to be truth leaning and have demonstrated that they're not controlled by standard mainstream media channels. Sitting there and watching the 30 minute show (actually 17 minutes if … Continue reading Manipulation of the masses

Year of the third party candidate

Conversations with people over the last several months has consistently floated into politics. I like to consider myself having an open mind and as such, form┬ámy opinions based on fact rather than other people's opinions. I refuse to pander to the mainstream media's view of "Trump or Clinton" where this is no other choice. My … Continue reading Year of the third party candidate