Work – 1 / Life – 0

The last time I posted something was May 22nd and all my plans to stick to a schedule got thrown out the window. Work reared its ugly head and has been kicking my ass for the last several weeks with little reprieve or consideration for my personal time. Getting home after working since 5:30am meant getting dinner ready, cleaning up, doing anything that needed to be done around the house and nothing was left in the tank for me. I ended up going to bed most nights earlier than usual just to keep up with the next days work load. I’ve slacked on writing, reading and generally keeping life balanced with work. There is light at the end of the tunnel though, but it’s still a few weeks off at this point and will unfortunately start back up again towards the end of August.

I’m still writing sporadically for as I still do managed to read the news every day and write when I’m passionate about certain subjects; mainly political stuff though. They’re quick drive-bys around 400-500 words mostly that are mostly reporting with a sprinkle of opinion for good measure. I find it cathartic to write out the politics clanging around in my head keeping me from becoming too jaded with all the crap that’s been flung at us in the last few weeks from Washington, D.C. Even writing political opinion has tapered off in recent weeks and I get about 2-3 pieces submitted and published when just a few weeks ago, I was submitting 1-2 per day.

Funny how you can make so many changes to keep things balanced between all your commitments and one thing can throw the whole thing out the window. I’ve kept pushing myself to minimize as much as possible and, interestingly, the less I have around me the easier I find it to stay closer to feeling balanced regardless of whether I actually am or not. The majority of the items that I find add value to my life have been moved and organized into my office space in the basement. The family is in a separate category of course, but material possessions now fit into a single 11×12 foot room with little feeling of clutter. Once I get the closet built around the radon mitigation tube going into the floor, I’ll have even more items packed away behind a closet door. It’ll quickly become a refuse that will help me recharge my batteries.

Last night I took a few hours to watch some Dr. Who, which was a feat in of itself as I had to utilize my VPN client to log me into a UK-based server to allow me to stream the content through BBC One iPlayer. The new season has started out slow and I’m looking forward to getting into some more action packed episodes. The mix of different writers has brought a lot of different types of stories and has varied the show without leaving behind the core of what makes Dr. Who “feel” like Dr. Who. It was good to get some uninterrupted time to watch some shows. I also am now taking the daughter to archery classes, which she’s been doing for almost a year now. I’ve started taking her because I want to start shooting with her and it just makes sense that I take her if I’m there already 🙂 I’ll be shooting with her next week as they didn’t have a bow big enough to accommodate my string pull distance.

I can’t make any promises when I’ll be back more regularly until I get a better idea of how things shake out at work in terms of audits and organization changes. I moved to a different building in the same campus and am now reporting to a new Director that is most certainly going to make additional changes. It might pan out that I get a bump in salary and position so that I can, at some point in the future, build out my own audit team. It remains to be seen how that plays out though, but I’m hopeful the changes will be positive.

Looking forward to some life when work decides to take some time off 🙂

Monday afternoon rebranding

My blog is no longer just about me processing and putting my own thoughts into writing, it’s grown over the last year-ish.  My tagline used to be “Life between 0 an 1” as an o mage to my forever being a geek.  Well, it’s come to be more than that and is now my sites title.  I’m keeping, for now, but am using it only as my site URL.

Just letting all of you know so you don’t think I went away 🙂  Thanks to all who’ve followed me recently as well as to the ones that have been around for a while (you know who you are).  Having a post schedule makes it easier for me to put some real emotion and effort into what I’m posting and I’m working on a good one for next Monday; it’s another politically driven subject but not what you might think…..  I’m doing some history 🙂

See you all on Thursday.

Mission: A New Plan

I had a surreal moment this morning while walking to get breakfast at work.  As I was walking through the parking lot, a sudden wave of awareness came over me when I realized that I was truly 40 years old for almost a month now.  The majority of my life I have never “felt” my age and always felt younger than I actually was.  For some unknown reason this morning, that feeling stopped.  I started to think about the fact that approximately 50% of my life was now in the past, I had only 25-ish years to continue saving for a retirement I don’t think I’ll be ready for, and I will be at or near 50 when my daughter graduates from high school.

Growing up, I’ve always had what others referred to as a “baby face” and I think that has contributed to my self-image being perceived younger than it actually was.  My voice didn’t significantly change tone until almost out of my teens; a fact that didn’t help me with cruel people in high school.  Having recently caught up to some old acquaintances from high school, it was clear that they had all aged (some gracefully, other not so) and were well into their lives.  On the surface they had things together and appeared to be on plan.  I myself have a had a few speed bumps, but nothing too severe as to derail me from my life goals.

This new thought pattern, starting today, is drastically different from anything I’ve experienced in the past and its unsettling.  Unsettling in the realization that I no longer have the luxury of saying “I still have xx years to get to that.”  Procrastination in this case is the evil elephant in the room that had patiently waited in the shadows until I finally saw he was lurking.  I never really had an official plan (or as my Father would put it, critical path) for my life and have gone with my instinct and gut feeling all these years.  The strategy paid off in the end as I’m in a good job, have a good life (sort-of), and am generally happy with what I see.  That current strategy is showing its age though, and now is no longer relevant or appropriate going forward.  I need a new plan.

P.S. – This is my 100th post 🙂