Reflections of minimalism

Having recently moved in the last 12 months, I started to evaluate the importance of the stuff that I had accumulated over the previous 15 years while living at my now former home. At the time I didn't understand the overwhelming urge I had to part with some of my stuff. Stuff that at one … Continue reading Reflections of minimalism

One word theme for 2017

Post Inspriation: One Word 2017: When The Words Don't Seem Right, What Do You Do? by The Spectacled Bean This was an interesting idea that I had to steal. I'm not a resolutions supporter as I wrote here, but this idea of a one word theme was intriguing. Taking a single word and using it … Continue reading One word theme for 2017

Cutting the cord, 4 months on

It's been four months now that I decided to cut the cable cord and save some money on my path to minimalism. ┬áCable television, although convenient, was riddled with commercials and I really only watched about 10 channels out of the 270-ish available to me. ┬áHaving a DVR to record up to 6 shows at … Continue reading Cutting the cord, 4 months on