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April Fools Start Date

April Fools Start Date

This is the part of the job search, the part where I know I have a new job and my first day is approaching, that I find the most stressful. Walking into a new environment is intimidating enough let alone adding the stress of meeting new people literally all day long. The part of me, you know, the part that is introverted and internalized, is usually not the part that leaves a stellar first impression with anyone. I wish there was a shirt I could wear on my first day of a new job that announced that I was an introvert to let people know that I’m not a pompous asshole.

The hard part is over, you’ve sold yourself to the employer and they offered you the job and know you can do whatever it is they hired you to do. Their part is over and it’s all up to you now to continue to sell yourself to everyone else that didn’t get a chance to interview you weeks ago. Being “on” for an hour or two during an interview is easy even for the most introverted of us out there. Being “on” for an 8 or 9 hour day, for 5 days straight is a completely different endeavor that requires a herculean feat of energy. Despite having started multiple jobs in the last 20 years, it’s never become easier and nothing has ever worked long term.

My standard approach is to observe, with an intensity that often doesn’t hide the internal F5 tornadicane that is going on inside my head. The astute observers will see this and often ask the typical questions “Are you okay?” or “Is there something wrong?” because they just don’t understand. The kindred introvert will immediately identify what is happening and make an attempt to figure out what support is most beneficial and offer it to me. The good ones figure it out and become essential co-workers that with enough time become friends. I have a few of them from previous jobs that I’ve remained in contact through LinkedIn or other means.

Glad I’m back to work again. Unemployment was scrambling my brain.

Monday randomness

It has been quite an interesting week or so, lots of things going on that will have an impact on my life over the next few weeks to few months.  First thing’s first though, my “cave” is now complete because I have now mounted that television that’s been sitting on the floor for weeks.  Here it is, directly in front of my desk:

This wall never looked so good!

I’ve already broken it in by watching The Day After Tomorrow, a movie that someone used to prove a point related to climate change or global warming, or whatever you call it.  Yes, it was as good this time as the last 20 or so times prior.  It really is a good movie set smack in the middle of what I call the “end of the world” genre.

Have some potential of getting a new position at work that is in the very beginning stages, otherwise I’d put more details into the post.  Lets just put it out there that it would be a promotion, more responsibility and of course a moderate bump in salary.  There would be travel associated with this position as well which doesn’t really make me excited, but the higher up you go, the more you travel.

I’ve also officially signed on with EatPrayVote.org as a contributor and have started posting op-ed’s on their site.  If you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been writing about, you can check out my author profile.  Be sure to check out the entire site as there are multiple contributors all with their own style of writing.  It truly is a good mix of writers that post about all sorts of topics.  I’m glad that I took the initiative and reached out, it’s been fun writing in a different style than I’m used to, which surprisingly, hasn’t been as hard as I had originally thought.

You can also see at this point, I’ve finally decided on a premium theme that I think I’ll be keeping for a while.  I don’t have a plan that allows me to tinker with CSS or any of that stuff, but I liked the look so much I felt what the hell.  Actually buying one removes my urge to constantly browse the free themes and make changes to the look, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but for me it’s a time suck that I just can’t afford.  Ok, I got a theme I like now, so onward.

One final random thing, it’s been ridiculously warm in the northeast US for the last few days, easily in the mid-70’sF.  There are buds on the trees, the geese are flying back north (pooping on my car!), and for cripes sake the grass is getting green again.  I spent over $300 to get the snow blower fixed between last year and this year and dammit, I’m going to mow my law for the first time with the damn snow blower if it doesn’t snow at least a few inches this winter.  Remember, make sure to use fuel stabilizer and ethanol neutralizer in the fuel for your small engines, otherwise you’ll be replacing the carburetors every few years.

Enjoy the week peeps!  See you Thursday.

Three Things Thursday – 10/27/2016


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain

Bring the happy!

I’m late this week, I usually have this written the night before and scheduled to post automatically Thursday morning.  I got lost in another post, scheduled for tomorrow, which happens to be my 200th.


An amazing platform that has provided me the ability to express myself in ways that would never have been possible in physical life.  There are so many great and fantastic writers on here it’s easy to lost large chunks of time just reading.  I’m happy that a platform such as this one actually exists and has stood the test of Internet time and continued to be relevant for so many years.

Prospect of a New Job

Wrote earlier this week about the prospect of a new job.  I had my screen call yesterday with the head hunter that cold called me last week and it went well.  The company sounds awesome and it would definitely be a stretch challenge putting me into uncharted territory from a career perspective.  I’m excited to make it to the next round which is probably going to be a face-to-face.  That’s when I get a better idea of the company and the people.  I’m happy where I am, so the questions I will have for the hiring manager will be blunt and aggressive as I’m not desperate to find a new job and have nothing to lose.  Should be an intersting experience.


It’s finally and officially fall here in the northeast.  We had our first frost yesterday morning and it was an amazing site to see the sparkly glint on everything as the sun came up.  I wish I had snapped a picture of it, but my phone was not on me at the time I took the dog out and it was too late in the morning when I did have my phone later.  I’ll have to remember to get a picture at our next frost.  This is one of my favorite times of year because I know 1) allergies are going away, 2) winter is around the corner, and 3) i’ll have as much Pumpkin Pie as I can handle for at least the next three months.

Daughter Approved!

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by Beartooth

Too good to be true?

It’s happened, a recruiter has finally placed a potential position in front of me that is too good to not invest some time exploring. The last thing I wanted to do was to start looking for a new job let alone think about switching companies and starting over again with a whole new corporate dynamic. In this case though, the job description, requirements, salary, benefits, and bonus package are, well, really good and my interest is overpowering my urge to stay put. Adding to all these goodies is, amazingly, this job is only 15 minutes from my home cutting my one-way daily commute in half… again.

The last few jobs I’ve taken and excelled with were essentially lateral moves. Jobs that had no more or less responsibility and didn’t advance my career all that much, but did provide other skills and knowledge that have led me to this current moment. This new position is a Director level position and would entail managing people again, something I said that I probably wasn’t going to ever do again. It isn’t that I was a bad manager, in fact, my directs in my previous position often would tell me how much they appreciated my style as a manager. Laid back, hands off, and appropriate blunt and aggressive when the situation required it. I also would lay on my own sword to protect them, deflect the negative comments, and allow them to use it as a lessons learned opportunity.

My problem though, is that my previous management experience, while over a year in length, was nothing close to what a Director is required to do or be in charge of. Stepping up would be an absolute necessity on my part and I truly am not sure if that kind of responsibility is in my wheelhouse or not. I know that I’m technically capable of doing the job, however, the personal side of the job is sort of shaky and up in the air. I’m having a fight in my own head over whether this job would be a good move for me or not, which is a conversation I have every time I start looking or contemplating a new position. I’m technically capable of being a manager of people as my personality is such that I’m rarely considered a friend to anyone at work, manager or not. My radar is always on while at work and I’m constantly observing and processing the environment around me. At Director level though, the game starts to change and I’ve yet to experience that game personally.

I’m scheduled to have a phone call with the head hunter this week, to talk about the prospect. This is the equivalent of the HR screening call where they review resume details, listen to how I speak of my past, what I’m looking for in a company, etc. I already know the salary is there and its much closer to home, but the discussion later will determine my next step. I just hope that I’ll be okay with all the next steps in 6 months to a year regardless of the resulting decision.

Exit, Cold, Enter, Almost a week down

My last day was last Wednesday with my old company.  It was interesting being there telling everybody essentially the same thing.

Yeah, I’m heading out.  Going to an architectural design and infrastructure control software company that is only 30 minutes from home blah blah yadda yadda this that and the other thing…….

I got to the point, where I was just staring at a white screen of an empty inbox, that I was thinking what the hell was I still there for?  It was that point where I shutdown, handed my laptop to the dude next to me and turned in my mobile phone.  It was a crappy iPhone, so I didn’t have an issue getting rid of it.


Last Monday I started to feel the beginnings of a stupid cold.  My luck of course, I would get a stupid cold before my first day with a new company.  You only get once chance for a first impression, so I did my best to make it seem like I wasn’t sick and washed my hands so much they were pruned all day long.  I’m like a little child when I’m sick and no one in my family likes to be around me when I’m sick.

Yeah, pretty much
Yeah, pretty much

Now that its been almost a week, I’m feeling much better.  It’s a good thing too because there is a huge security audit next week that I’m pretty much running.  Nothing like being thrown to the wolves, wearing a meat suit, dipped in gravy and tied to a tree outside the wolves den.  My new manager said “information security is the same everywhere, don’t need to know the systems to protect the data.”  Uh, OK, apparently that’s how its going to be.

Anyway, I’m now almost a week into the new job and I’m really liking the challenge of learning totally new systems while at the same time owning something that I have no clue how to own.  I’m holding my own despite the challenge.  I’m finding it hard to find the time to get online and write, however I think that will subside once the audit is complete next week.

Merry New Job Eve…… oh boy

Having the unfortunate luck of having a mild cold on the eve of a new job, I was reflecting last night on my life to this point.  There have been several major milestones in my life that are easily recalled and thought about in vivid detail.  Graduating High School, getting my first real job, getting my first promotion, meeting my future wife and then getting married, buying my first house, having a daughter, etc.  I started thinking about everything as chapters in a book that isn’t finished yet.  I have not had anything earth shattering or life changing compared to anyone else and my book of life would be rather boring honestly.  Anyway, it was interesting none the less.

Thinking about my new job, a deviation from anything in my career thus far, I suddenly started feeling nervous about this new chapter.  I’m prepared, more so than other times, to start this job from day one.  No break in period or kicking the figurative tires.  They need me to start being productive and effective almost immediately.  The thought of trying to figure out my place while at the same time showing I already know my place is a little frightening.  I’ve never had to do that in any previous position I’ve started as I brought experience and knowledge to the table.  That was the reason I got hired.  This job is the first job in my life that I was hired because of my personality and demeanor rather than my technical knowledge or background.  Scary realization time!

What....what the hell?
What….what the hell?

I’m assured by the people soon to be my co-workers that I’m going to be successful at whatever I do.  Do they have to say that?  This is what I’m thinking most of the time when I hear things like that.  I’m my own worst critic and often will beat myself up more than anyone else.  It’s my way of learning from my mistakes, but will unfortunately give a perception to others that is often negative.  I’ve worked on this aspect of my personality for years and have improved, but still tend to head down that rabbit hole.  My biggest fear though is that I won’t be able to keep up the extrovert exterior when I’m at my core an extreme introvert.  Only time will tell in that case I think.

Have my fingers crossed!