Three Things Thursday – 03/23/2017

Inspired by Nerd in the Brain BRING THE HAPPY! Finding Faith The wife and I were having a discussion about religion and faith after having watched "The Shack" a week or so back.  The movie had a line that has stuck with both of us and had a strong impact with us.  The character that … Continue reading Three Things Thursday – 03/23/2017

What I dream beyond 2016

This post has been inspired by a comment I made on a post by Deborah Bryan titled "What do you dream beyond 2016?" We often tend to use words in a succinct and terse manner without having the knowledge, experience, or willingness to back it up with tangible actions. Our words should be descriptions of our … Continue reading What I dream beyond 2016

Pope out, peace!

Not an overtly religious person, I do respect and acknowledge that religion holds a significant importance for those that have strong faith.  I personally don't believe that to have strong faith in something necessarily requires you to also be religious or anchor yourself to one particular religion.  I grew up Methodist, which is a progressive … Continue reading Pope out, peace!