Three Things Thursday – 02/09/2017


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain


Work Printers


I’ve been working at my present company for well over a year at this point and I, the other day, had to print something for the first time.  Walking around looking for the printer, it was amazing to discover that they’re all apparently named after Marvel super-heroes.  Shaking my head at the overt geekiness in an otherwise corporate environment was refreshing.

My Trending Stories


I was contacted by an online publication and offered a role as a contributor.  The publication is called My Trending Stories and I’m in the process of getting logins, etc. so that I can post my innaugural  article in the Living section on minimalism.  I’ll make sure to re-blog it here once it’s published.  It’s exciting for me to have what I write recognized when my only purpose for writing is technically for my own benefit.  Perhaps that is about to change?

Old School Rock (courtesy of Spotify)


Being a subscriber to Spotify, I have available to me an enormous library of music that I could never in my lifetime expect to possess on my own.  What started with a stray recommendation in the sidebar in the application has now turned into a playlist that is well over 300 songs all consisting of old school and back in the day music that I had grown up listening to.  Here are some of the artists in the playlist to demonstrate just how “random” it actually is.

  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  • Van Halen
  • Rush
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Twisted Sister
  • Bon Jovi
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Bryan Adams
  • Tommy Tutone
  • T.Rex

I had this playlist on in the car Tuesday night to and from my daughters archery activity and it turned into me singing in the car with a look of horror on her face.  Eventually she caught on to the old-ness of the music and joined in as best she could with chorus parts of most of the songs.  To my surprise, her two favorites were The Final Countdown by Europe and Mr. Roboto by Styx.  Two of the more unique examples of experimental music for their time.

TTT Album Recommendation


Already outdated.  Who uses iPods these days anyway?

Greatest Hits:  Grand Funk Railroad
by Grand Funk Railroad

Music assistance for my brain

If you’ve been following me for a while and reading the Three Things Thursday posts (thanks to Emily at Full-Grown Nerd for that), you’ll have noticed the full album recommendations at the bottom. Whether you actually listen to them or not is not important, it’s the reason I’m doing in the first place that is important. In my acceptance with introversion, I’ve discovered that music is not nearly as much of a distraction as I had one thought, and in fact, helps me focus and concentrate on processing thoughts and feelings almost as much as writing does.

Since finding Spotify, which I now pay for (small indulgences), I’ve been finding all kinds of new music that I never knew existed thanks to watered down commercial radio. Never having been one to be offended by explicit content, I find that the music that contains it has an undertone of emotion you don’t get with edited or censored content. The service is truly something remarkable in how it uses the music you like, save, and add to playlists to then suggest similar music from various artists around the world. Just today, I found the band Hyper through their Discovery function on the desktop application. It isn’t my typical angry new metal rock that I typically listen to, but it has a very unique type of cadence to it that is mesmerizing. A running joke a few of my readers and I have is that anything we like is actually Russian propaganda disguised in normal things that shifts our mindsets subliminally. I’m onto it and just like the band, LOL

This is the first time I’ve written about how music plays a huge part of my life, but I keep coming back to it and attempt to put it into words that make sense and adequately express how it makes me feel. With my fairly wide tolerance for most music styles and genres, Spotify get confused sometimes so I’ve made playlists that are focused on one type of music and then use the “recommendations” at the bottom of the list to expand to new discoveries. When I see a lot of repeats after refreshing the list a few times, I move onto a different list and come back a few weeks later. It’s crazy how much music is actually out there and each time a song is played, the artist gets a little cut.

Perhaps the best feature that I’ve used extensively is the ability to play music offline without the requirement to have an Internet connection active. I’ve loaded up my 32GB micro SD on my mobile device with lots of offline music that I rotate on a monthly basis after adding my favorite songs to the appropriate play list. All this is done right through the app and its the same experience on the desktop, mobile, tablet, or on the website directly. They’ve done a fantastic job at making the service as seamless and spot on (pun intended) for the user.

As this wasn’t an attempt to sell you on the use of Spotify, it has become that unfortunately. I don’t get paid for referrals, I don’t even have a referral link to share. It’s up to you if you want to spend the $10/month for the service, but when Pandora is only $5/month, its hard to justify if you’re only looking at the cost. Pandora and Spotify are two completely different services. Spotify is like a jukebox you have all the control with and access to tens of millions of songs, Pandora has the same library but you’re at the mercy of their “playlist” and have only partial control with the thumbs up/thumbs down feature.

My brain is happier with me for providing it distraction free background music, sort of like my brains theme song for when it does its thing to keep me sane. I even picked up a set of premium noise-cancelling over-the-ear headphones recently that set me back a bit more than I was comfortable spending, but I saved more than I spent, so it justified the purchase. They’re sitting under the tree at home awaiting me to open them on Christmas as a gift from my wife to me. It’s easier for us to do that, really, we both just “get” what we need when we need it.

How does music fit into your routine? If it doesn’t, what does?

Three Things Thursday – 10/20/2016


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain

Bring the happy!


spotifyI’m absolutely loving Spotify. No, I’m not a reseller and I’m not being compensated for saying that. This is a music service for people who like to listen to new music all the time but still appreciate a mix of old and new mixed together in a specific genre. This weeks TTT music album recommendation was discovered just yesterday. Although I have been listening to Pillar for years, I rarely know when they release new albums unless I remember to hit a music service and actually look. Spotify seeing I have liked several Pillar songs, automatically recommended the new album to me, to which I’ve listened to several times in the last few days. I’ve even gone so far as to become a premium user and actually pay for the service. Saving content to your device for offline listening is worth every penny to save on data usage (download via wi-fi, listen offline).

Educational Administration

deptofeducationYou’re probably thinking this is an odd one based on some of my previous posts about the educational system. In a rare experience this week, the administration actually had a glimmer of logic and compassion and actually helped assist with a very difficult situation my daughter found herself. Details aren’t necessary, however, the administration supported my argument and recommendation for remediating the problem based on the evidence I had to support my complaints. The defending party had nothing in the way of evidence let alone a compelling argument to support any other outcome other than the one that favored my daughter. I expect it to never happen like this ever again, but there is potential to be surprised again 🙂

Rigged 2016

I found a link to this movie from one of my Twitter followers who is heavy into the election this year and completely opposed to the two-party system. After watching the movie, quite a few theories I had came together essentially at the same time. The movie is a freebie on the website or on Vimeo and is worth the hour of your time to watch. It has a similar vibe to some other documentaries I’ve written about and is primarily focused on people and how they feel about the two-party system. Gary Johnson is featured, and Jill Stein is mentioned several times, however this isn’t about the candidates. It’s about breaking up the two-party system of corruption and greed.

TTT Music Album Recommendation

One Love Revolution
by Pillar