Have a new year….

I wrote this post a few days ago and scheduled it. I'll most likely be at a party with friends I'd rather not see and do things I would prefer not to do. Any literary motivation would be sufficiently killed if I had sat down and published this on the day it actually was scheduled … Continue reading Have a new year….

Rage against the dying of the light

As we approach Thanksgiving in the United States, I'm left thinking about all the service men and women that won't be home to spend time with their families. Our country is on the precipice, a fork in the road, of deciding whether we're going to be a positive force in the defense of Freedom or … Continue reading Rage against the dying of the light

Islamaphobia, the exit is over here

Inspired by The Washington Post article "Muslim couple says they were kicked off Delta flight for using phone, saying 'Allah'" Seriously, what the hell is wrong with all of us? Why are we all so afraid of each other? A muslim couple, American citizens for 16 years, were singled out on their return flight from … Continue reading Islamaphobia, the exit is over here