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50 minutes I won’t get back

Two people NOT right for this country!

So, I watched 50 minutes of the Trump vs. Clinton debate last night, streamed it through Twitter. It’s 50 minutes that I won’t get back again. I should be angry. I should be frustrated with the choices we’ve been provided. I’m actually disappointed for the whole damn system. My blame staresĀ aren’t directed at anyone in particular, all the parts of the machine are to blame, though some more than others. We have Trump because voters in this country are angry with corporate America, of which, Trump is a member. We have Clinton because the DNC was caught manipulating the primary process in favor of Clinton. We have a corrupt government that is no longer, by any stretch, interested in the common American. We have a financial system configured in such a way where only a select few of the population control a ridiculous percentage of the country’s total wealth. We have media that is filtered, censored, manipulated, and controlled by a handful of companies with ties back to the corrupt government. We have a population that has been duped into believing that the “news” they watch (as their parents did, and there parents’ parents, etc.) is truthful and based on fact.

The only hope I see are the nearly 10% of the country (if you can believe the accuracy of the 5 CPD polls) has seen through this facade and is supporting a third-party. I no longer care which third party is represented at this point so long as any third party can break the two-party dinosaur that has existed for over 200 years. The names have changed, ideals and issues have changed, but the fundamental choice of only two people is obsolete. Several foreign countries have multiple party systems and are functioning in a greater capacity than the U.S. has been functioning over the last 2 decades. We need to adopt a multiple party system. While I have opinions about the Electoral College (EC), I do understand the function it provides and believe that changes are required to bring it into the modern century. The EC was created for two reasons; provide a buffer between general population and the selection of the President and provide extra power to smaller populous states. Hamilton and the founding fathers didn’t trust the population to make the right choice (tyrants had potential to manipulate if EC didn’t exist) and the EC only met once per election cycle removing the manipulation over time by foreign governments.

My main problem with the EC is the concept of “winner takes all” in all but 2 states. A candidate can win a state with 50.1% of the vote of 90%. There were several states in the past elections where the winning candidate received only 55% of that states votes but was awarded the entire EC count for that state. In this manner, 45% of the voters in that state did not choose the new President. State votes for the EC is not mandated by the constitution making it up to the state how the EC votes are distributed. Using Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, a candidate receiving 60% popular vote would get 12 EC votes and the other receiving 40% of the vote would get 8 EC votes. Changing the EC in this way would not necessarily make the Presidential Election based on popular vote, but would put it as close to possible based on popular vote while maintaining the integrity and purpose of the EC. This change would also allow for third parties to have as fair a chance as Democrats and Republicans.

Returning to my original thought though, the debate last night has provided me the justification that I’m making the right choice to support a third-party. Neither candidate, Trump or Clinton, I believe is right for the next four years or this country as a whole. The fragile nature of the world economy, propped up on debt, will collapse equally regardless of whether Trump or Clinton wins as the country is polarized in a near 50/50 split. My support of a third party is based on research and knowledge that is not provided by mainstream media outlets. A third party candidate winning the Presidency has the potential to make everyone stop and think, breathe a sigh of relief, and start to shed the “sheep” mentality that’s been forced on us for 40 years.

There’s no excuse anymore to not vote

Call me jaded, or disheartened, about this year’s Presidential election. That’s fine. Over the last several weeks of finding and reading truly unbiased and factual information on the Internet from sources that boast their verifiable pedigree, my eyes and mind have been opened more than in my entire life since I turned 18. My parents, almost polar opposites from me, are focused on the “standard” issues that have been discussed on the election campaigns for more than three decades. Heck, my Mom is voting for Clinton because she wants to be part of “history” in helping the first woman ascend to President of the United States. It is a very narrow point of view and indicative of a tragically closed mind. I get it, and I certainly don’t hold it against them. I am not opposed to and strongly support equality among men and women, but is Clinton really the best choice? My parents and their generation aren’t going to foster the change that I am now convinced we need in this country. Yes, I’m generalizing, I mean no offense to anyone that is in the boomer generation. Generation Y, my generation, is at a cross-road where they need to decide if the status quo is adequate, or if revelational change is needed. One has no risk at all, but has the potential for damage into the next 2-3 decades. The other is loaded, dripping, on fire with risk, however has the potential to upend and reboot the system in ways that could benefit us much longer.

I have not endorsed any one particular person strongly other than that I support third-party candidates in general. My view of the two-party system is that it reinforces the other, unspoken, two party system that we’re all currently living with now. We’ve all heard of the 1%/99% division in the country, but I think it goes much deeper than that. The 1%, aka elite, are a group of people who control an overwhelming majority of the wealth in this country and truly can do what they want, how they want to, and essentially without impunity by the law. The remaining 99%, aka non-elite, is the rest of the country who are unfairly measured against the law that has been distorted by the elite to keep all of us in check. The law is no longer equal. The elite have managed to completely distort the founding fathers ideal of a true democracy where absolute law is the core belief in only 40-50 years. We are essentially two types of economies; the 1% socialist elite and the 99% capitalist non-elite. They want us to keep buying stuff, creating more debt, surrendering our freedom to become modern slaves to our debt. Debt that is becoming increasingly harder and practically impossible to get away from.

With this explained, I am now officially supporting the Libertarian Johnson/Weld bid for the presidential election this year. It was recently announced, that for the first time since 1996, a third-party candidate will be sitting along side the Democrat and Republican nominees in all 50 states. In an election year where a lot of normal Americans do not like either Clinton or Trump, a third party nominee is a welcome relief. His platform is more in alignment with my newfound understanding of the problems in our country right now, more so than either Clinton or Trump combined. My fear is that, should he actually pull off the upset of the millennium, he won’t have any traction during his entire 4 years as President due to the gridlocked House and Senate. Executive Orders aside, he absolutely needs to have support of the Legislative branch of the government in order to effect any real and lasting change. The more likely scenario is that he garners a much larger chuck of the Electoral votes that prevents Clinton or Trump from reaching the minimum 270. The election in 1800 was the last time that this happened. The process to decide the President/Vice President is truly bizarre and is explained HERE.

The 1% is, in my opinion, truly afraid of one thing. That the 99% remaining population catches on to their deception, lies, manipulation, and socialist ways and decides to make a change through who they decide to vote for. Regardless of whether you think your vote matters or not, the fact we can still vote despite the control the 1% has of us is a core Constitutional right. Granted it took more than 100 years to even get that right, it eventually did get changed to where 1 American equals 1 vote. I’m happy that a third-party candidate is on the ballot in all 50 states because I was seriously close to not voting for the next President. I would be no more effective than a rock at that point. We as Americans need to start realizing that knowledge is power and individually we have the power to affect change at the highest levels of government. We need to take the time to re-learn how to wield this power again and flip off the elite in this country. I’m still appalled that 97% of the people in this country make less than $250,000/year yet the majority of them have decided to not vote for multiple reasons. I’m sorry, but if you don’t vote, you need to get off your ass and get to the voting booths and make your voice heard. There is a powerful message sent when 97% of the country unites and screams at the same time demanding change to the current system. Well, you going to vote?