Three Things Thursday – 05/11/2017

Hosted by There She Goes Originally inspired by Nerd in the Brain BRING THE HAPPY! The Dog I worked from home on Monday and apparently the dog was a little lonely.  She came down to visit me in my office in the basement and after jamming her wet nose into my elbow a few times, she … Continue reading Three Things Thursday – 05/11/2017

Self-imposed technology limits

I know I'm spending too much time writing and reading.  Having been here before in the past, I know that things like work, life and relationships start suffering in favor of writing and spending time reading articles.  With that said, I've decided to put some restrictions on myself to help alleviate any problems before they're … Continue reading Self-imposed technology limits

Sleeping at movies, not quite

Driving into work today I thought of several things I wanted to talk about, things that were bothering me.  Now, as I sit staring at the white screen, my mind is blank.  I guess that, in itself, is something.  An ability that G is absolutely jealous of....  especially when attempting to get to sleep at … Continue reading Sleeping at movies, not quite