Humans don’t need to suffer like this

This is an opinion piece based on the article below.

How bad does the world have to get before we start to realize that it’s not all clean tap water, endless food buffets and golden toilets that whisk our poop away?  Real people, children, are suffering an agonizing slow death because of a comparatively smaller group of self-centered and self-absorbed rich elites.  I didn’t have the words to describe my disappointment until recently and I’ve stopped turning away and ignoring the problem.  It is unacceptable to me that in a country of so-called Christians, we have put a man into the White House that is going to reduce the amount of funds that go to foreign humanitarian aid, not increase them.

The commodity that is so badly needed in these areas you ask?  Water.  Simple water.  So many American’s take it for granted that when they turn on the tap, clean and drinkable water flows out.  What if all of a sudden, due to causes outside of your control, that water was now cloudy, thick and slimy; would you still drink it?  Would you get so thirsty, almost on the brink of death, that you would risk drinking the water that you know for certain will get you sick?  I’ve personally never been in that position, but imagine that I would in order to fight for my life and stay alive.  A human can go 4-6 weeks without food, but only 4-5 days without water before a fatality occurs.

There is a real possibility, almost a certainty, that Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen will be in the grips of a months long famine later this year.  That is approximately 20 million people who will be starving and dehydrated and more than likely facing death before the end of this year.  How can the world idly standby and watch this crisis unfold and not do anything?  There is more than enough food and water in the world to where no one would ever have to face being hungry or thirsty ever again.  Technology has enabled us to clean the dirtiest and nastiest of any source of water.  We have the ability to create self-sustaining systems of food production after creating the environment for that to take hold in the first place.

All it takes, unfortunately, is money.  Money drives all of our decisions, not fellow humans.  Why someone sitting on $75 billion doesn’t believe they can part with 50% of their wealth and STILL live the same life they’re living currently is beyond my comprehension.  I’ve never even had $1 million, let alone $1 billion.  Sure there will be some in the “have” category that will see this as the ravings of someone in the “have not” category.  I have enough in my life to live the way I do, I don’t need more than that.  I’ve had my down turns and have been financially troubled in the past, but I’ve pulled through.  A portion of my salary, even in my lowest points, has been set aside for donations to various organizations that assist foreign humanitarian efforts.

Call me an apologist, a bleeding-heart, or whatever else that comes to mind.  It won’t change how disappointed I am with some of my fellow humans that refuse to see others not as fortunate as they are as anything but a sub-standard class of people.  We don’t choose where we get born, but we choose how we get to live our lives regardless of where we’re born.  A Somalian native, scratching the best existence their circumstances allow, is a far better example of a human being than most wealthy elite in any first world country.

When it’s America’s turn to suffer drought, food shortages, etc., will we get the help we need from other countries or will we get a figurative middle finger?


  1. I know but I believe that the rest of the world will be more generous than we…..but you can bet when this happens there will be some that will hate those that help because somewhere in their tiny brains these helpers will be a freeloader looking for a fix and helping will get them that. I cannot believe those people that still do not believe that the climate is screwed….what does it take for them to see the writing on the wall? chuq

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    1. I’m logical and have a science oriented mindset. Observing all the signs that point to a particular conclusion that climate change is real are much stronger than anyone using studies funded by the very companies that are fighting to debunk climate change.

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      1. My knowledge comes from fruit trees…they need so many days of cold weather to produce and in the last 3 years they have produced little….citrus is the only one squirting out fruit……plums, figs, peach have not faired so well….this year we had 2 days of cold weather, below 32 usually we have 14 to 20…..and it is getting worse every year… I guess that makes me an apologist also…LOL chuq

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  2. Let me talk about ” … Real people, children, are suffering an agonizing slow death because of a comparatively smaller group of self-centered and self-absorbed rich elites….”!

    I am pushing 80 years of age right now and in my entire lifetime what you are describing here has been a reality for the world and in all those years the problem has gotten bigger to bu sure but I would also like to say that it doesn’t matter how much money or effort any nations throws at hunger, poverty, deprivation and suffering, nothing ever seems to make the problem any less present.

    There have been pestilences and famines as long as I can remember and there have been people of good moral character calling for everybody to look upon the suffering of those unfortunate enough to be caught in the juggernaut of need.

    Still the juggernaut rolls on and more and more people get caught in the spiraling web and not enough ever seems to get done about it …. not enough people … not enough money … not enough time is ever expended to cure the woes of the suffering world. That is how it has always been and that is how it will always be.

    I have great symnpathy for suffering humanity the world over but I wonder if anyone is really aware that right here in The United States of America we have unbelievable levels of hunger, poverty, illness, deprivation and daily suffering that a lot of people cannot believe could exist here and a lot more people who turn a blind eye.

    The Appalachian South is but one example. The horrendous conditions on some Indian Reservations is another example and then there are the decaying inner cities of once great metropolises where kids get up in their roach infested ghetto tenement apartment hungry and go to bed the same way … day after day after day.

    I am greatful to see, however that you have lent your own voice to the universal cry for help for the unfortunate of the world. I am comforted to know there are still people out there who are passionate about mans’ inhumanity to man.

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  3. I am sorry to break in here again but I saw, ” …we have put a man into the White House that is going to reduce the amount of funds that go to foreign humanitarian aid, not increase them….” and I wanted to remind everybody (Especially any Trump Haters that might be listening in) that this perpetual humanitarian crisis is not “Trump-Centric” but has been shared by many people in positions of power … and while “Money” is what is needed to address the humanitarian needs of the world “Money” is also what is needed to take care of our own needs here at home …. needs like health care for the elderly, the infirm and the poor, food for the needy, infrastructure replacement and repair and a host of other things. I am wondering why the anti-Trumpees aren’t calling for more International cooperation toward resolving these humanitarian crises rather than focusing on what The United States isn’t doing about them … especially since we probably foot most of the bills anyway. Not trying to be overly critical of anybody here but just saying.

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    1. You’re absolutely right, it’s not just a U.S. problem to fix. It’s a global problem. I only mentioned Trump as it was in the article in that reducing foreign aid from the U.S. will only accelerate the suffering.

      We are still a nation of intelligent individuals that can easily solve our problems and help with the world’s problems, but we have to come together instead of divide.

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      1. By what miracle do you perceive (believe) will we ever “Come Together” again seeing as how we are a national entity addicted to instant self-gratification, ego and the desperate need to be uncompromisingly right about everything all the time … without exception?

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      2. We came together somewhat after the attacks of September 11, 2001 …. do you think it will take some titanic national calamity to bring us all together? — I remember there were no such great divides during the entire duration of WW2 for example … everybody was somebody’s neighbor and everybody was pulling together.

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  4. You bring to mind the idea that everyone defines “we” in a different way, so that until “we” means all the people in the country, no one here will do a thing to solve this looming crisis. When discussing politics and policies, I always ask for a specific definition of who the other person includes in “we.” The answers are often fascinating, and enlightening. Maddening, even.

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