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Daughter at Work


It was National Bring Your Son or Daughter To Work Day last Thursday.  Naturally I brought the daughter with me to work so she could be bored to death all day and see just how boring my job really is.  Surprisingly though, she enjoyed herself and even brought a laptop so she could “work” on things like finding new backgrounds, researching her book battle authors and pretending to do what I do; stare at screens pretending to work 🙂

We Have Tomatoes


The wife decided that we needed to try our hand again at growing things.  We’ve not had a good track record these last few years and it comes down to either not enough watering or too much watering.  I try to remember, but trying to figure out what she’s done things will typically get overwatered and drown.  This tomato plant is small, and has a lot of dirt under it with holes in the bottom of the pot, hopefully they won’t die and I’ll get fresh tomatoes later this year.  We planted Chocolate Mint and Basil plants as well along with some weeds (aka lettuce).



I don’t think this is the first time I’ve talked about this one, but I’ve come to love it again after a brief period of ignoring it’s reminders that I had crap overdue.  They recently updated it and the whole experience is so much more seamless across devices that it’s made it rather easy to remember to do things.  It’s only $30US or so per year and well worth the money if you need help remembering to do things when they need to actually be done.  Disclaimer, I’m not paid in any way for endorsing this application.

TTT Weekly Music Recommendation


Fading Star

by Weaving The Fate