A change of scenery

For those that have followed me for a bit, you might have recalled me going for a posted position within my company that would have been a promotion. I didn’t get it, but I already knew that going into it based on how the description was written. My goal was more to let upper management know that I’m not opposed to taking on new roles that may be slightly outside of my wheel house for the sake of the challenge. It worked. The new Director starts today, remotely from Colorado, then from Pennsylvania next week. I already know that my current manager and I are going to report to him as well as another individual from the Networking team. My job isn’t changing all that much except that a heaping pile of “conflict of interest” is going away now that I’m not inside the group that I’ve been auditing the last two years.

With the move comes a new desk in a different building but on the same campus. Moving to the third floor of the newest building on our campus is exciting. More so the fact that it will bring with it new challenges from management that is coming in from outside. We already got a new CIO from outside that is already making waves and with a Director to back her up, the change will keep coming. My work is already starting to make people worried in that the results of my reviews and audits are being reviewed and actioned on by senior management with more purpose and intent to get future audits looking better. It only makes my job easier as the more support I can get for the work I’m doing, the easier it will be to have people engage when I ask them for evidence. A recent audit of change requests in one particular group was actually quite poor and the results have not gone over well for those tasked with providing me what I was asking for. It’s probably good I’m moving to I’m no longer in the same building as the people I’m auditing.

The new space brings with it a quieter workspace and upgraded furniture and chairs. Overall, despite the lower cubicle walls to promote “collaboration”, I’m looking forward to not having the kids of distractions I have currently in my soon to be vacated space. You can view the archives for previous posts that detailed my daily living hell putting up with the people around me. I’ll also have a lot more face time with the CIO and new Director because they are in the same building and floor that I’m moving to. Face time as most IT people know is crucial for those moments when they’re trying to figure out who from within is worth promoting into whatever new idea they have and need bodies to run it. Not that I do my job in order to get a better job, but doing my job and being recognized for it is important to me. One of my many motivations. I’ll also be working remote two days per week instead of just one as I’m no longer in the reporting chain that enforces restrictions. My manager sees that I work just as hard (if not harder) at home then when I’m in the office.

Hopefully the rain holds off today long enough for me to move my stuff, freshly minimalized, to the new building across the main parking lot. Otherwise, I’ll have to try to move everything tomorrow. I like change, the more the better.


  1. It sounds like there are lots of positives about your workplace changes and I wish you all the best in everything that you do. It sounds to me like your management team is supportive and that counts for a lot.

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  2. Hope the new role goes well – it sounds like a positive change for you. Ten years ago I had a ‘real’ job and went to an office to work and dealt with people (many of them difficult) and had a boss (who I disliked). Then, one day I resigned and came to work at home doing freelance scientific editing – no boss, no colleagues, no office politics. I love it and have never looked back. There are down-sides – it can be rather isolated, but that’s far outweighed by the benefits. Everyone is different and it’s really important to find a way of earning a living the suits you – I hope you have found yours.

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  3. Congrats on a change that sounds like it’ll make you happy. A new view from a new office space can only be a good thing. Hope you didn’t have to dodge too many raindrops to get there.

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    1. You’re not missing anything. I’ve been slammed at work and haven’t had the energy to write that much. Have a few more weeks of audits and I’ll be back on the wagon. Appreciate the check in ?

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      1. Your blog is very important to me and I am sure to a lot of other people as well. I am hoping that things simmer down at work and that you find the opportunity to get some rest and recharge.

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