“WWIII has likely started already, but we have been slow to recognize it,” although he added that there was “much more we can do before we enter a hot war with Russia.”

Russia-Ukraine: Bill Ackman says World War III likely already started (cnbc.com)

That was a quote from billionaire Bill Ackman on a few hours ago about what he thought the Russia-Ukraine war represented to the world. He made a similar prediction about the world pandemic in early 2020 that no one listened to until much later when they realized he was right. I’m inclined to believe him on this prediction about what’s going on in Ukraine because I have nothing so far to show me that he is wrong. The situation, and tensions, have been escalating each day with little to no resolution despite the best efforts of leaders around the world having their “discussions” with Putin. That man seems determined to be the bad ass bully on the block with the rest of the world be damned.

Last week, Putin put Russia’s nuclear deterrence forces on high alert, saying it was a defensive response to Western condemnation of his invasion of Ukraine, and warning that any country that tried to interfere in Ukraine would suffer consequences unseen before in history.

Russia-Ukraine: Bill Ackman says World War III likely already started (cnbc.com)

What the hell does that mean anyway? “Suffer consequences unseen before in history”? If I didn’t know any better that sounds like something that would have come out of the face hole of Trump. Was this his implied statement saying he just dusted off the big red button to his nuclear arsenal if he’s pushed back too hard by someone smaller than him on the schoolyard playground? I think its safe to assume at this point that this was an empty threat because multiple countries have already helped Ukraine with weapons, supplies, aide, etc. to defend against invading Russian forces. Does that mean Putin was only referring to countries that send in troops? He should be more specific with his statements so we’re not questioning his motives.

This is all sort of dumb when you think about it because majority of UN countries are still buying oil from Russia. Aren’t there other sources of oil in the world that don’t require us to also buy from Russia as well? I paid $4.20/gallon the other day for a fill up to my car and thankfully, working from home full time I only fill up every 2-3 weeks, but others aren’t as lucky. What happened to all the oil that the U.S. produces in large enough quantities that we started to export? Where’d all that go? Is this war half way around the world being used as a reason to raise gas prices artifically? All interesting questions that I think should be answered hopefully if we don’t get tangled into a war that may or may not go nuclear. Let’s hope that Putin doesn’t get his feelings hurt.