Love to hate smartphones

This isn't a new subject for me as I've written several times on both sides of the debate. I'm now, after switching to my cheap Lumia (Windows 10 Mobile) and then switching back to my equally cheap Galaxy Express (Android 6), at the point of ditching smartphones all together. These devices, with their screens bathing … Continue reading Love to hate smartphones

I'm so done with smartphones

While fighting with my mobile phone last night, I contemplated throwing it against the wall to make the insane frustration stop. Having paid for it off-contract though, I quickly put that action out of my head. This, you see, is my first mobile phone with Android as the operating system. Saying that I'm underwhelmed with … Continue reading I'm so done with smartphones

An open letter to Microsoft and HTC

The History I've been using Microsoft Windows Phone (now Windows 10 Mobile) since the first release of the OS after the appalling Windows Mobile 6.5. ┬áHere is a list of the mobile devices that I've owned, all running Windows Mobile: Samsung Focus (Windows 7.x) Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows 8.x) HTC One M8 for Windows (Windows … Continue reading An open letter to Microsoft and HTC