Three Things Thursday – 11/02/2017

Hosted by There She Goes Originally inspired by Nerd in the Brain BRING THE HAPPY! I've had a really interesting few weeks since my last TTT post.  I lost the battle about a new kitten in the house and the only stipulation I had was not having to do the litter box.  A task that the … Continue reading Three Things Thursday – 11/02/2017

Three Things Thursday – 04/13/2017

Inspired by Nerd in the Brain BRING THE HAPPY! A New Fence.... The wife wanted a new fence, so we got a fence.  It's not a true Spring unless we go into more debt building a new fence to keep the dog in the yard. Car Show This Past Weekend Ok, I admit it, The … Continue reading Three Things Thursday – 04/13/2017

iPhone got chewed

I've been increasingly frustrated with my daughters use of devices that run on electricity with a connection to the Internet. Her addiction to these devices is becoming quite concerning for me as I see her emulating my wife's use of the same type of devices. A recent conversation with my wife over the weekend consisted … Continue reading iPhone got chewed