Sleeping at movies, not quite

Driving into work today I thought of several things I wanted to talk about, things that were bothering me.  Now, as I sit staring at the white screen, my mind is blank.  I guess that, in itself, is something.  An ability that G is absolutely jealous of….  especially when attempting to get to sleep at night.  Her brain, always on like a datacenter server, never turns off.  I don’t know if its because I’m a guy, or if I just have an ability she doesn’t, but I can literally stop all brain cells from firing.  A figurative off switch if you will.

Switching gears for a second, I’ve been watching movies online that have a science-fiction “end of the world” type of feel to them.  The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, The Core, Armageddon, 2012, etc. etc.  The list goes on.  Why am I fascinated with that theme?  The fact I have been reading sites that dedicate themselves to the 12/21/12 Mayan calendar prediction isn’t helping matters.  The one movie that I found incredibly interesting was “The Moon.”  About a future where humans figured out fusion technology with Helium3 harvested from the moon.  Its a complete 180 from my usual movie fare.  I highly recommend it and the twist in the movie is actually quite scary as its something that we, as humans, have tinkered with in the past but have rejected for the time being.  Watch it and you’ll understand.

Now, back to the original topic, sleeping.  My sleep patterns lately have been very erratic and not at all normal.  One night I can sleep 10 hours, other nights I sleep barely 4 hours.  There really isn’t any real reason I can decipher other than every once in a while I lose my ability to turn off my brain.  G would be happy to hear that, so she’d have someone to talk to rather than stare at the ceiling for several hours each night.  One night this past week, I outlined a really excellent idea for a short story or a book; going so far even to write it down so I wouldn’t forget some of the details that made it excellent.  Having been down this road before, I am keen to the fact that I have a motivation problem with things taking longer than a few days to complete…..  I blame that on being male 🙂  But the idea is so good, it might transcend my procrastination.

What do you, my loyal 2 followers think?  Make a jump at transcending my human male characteristics?


  1. Am I one of your loyal two followers? I think yes, you have to transcend your human male characteristics and get in touch with your feminine side. Just don’t get caught!


    1. If you ask my wife, I’ve been in touch with my feminine side for a long time. I wrote short stories all through high school, never published a word though. Thanks for the encouragement!


      1. I guess, in that respect, I was a geek, too. Writing short stories throughout high school actually got me through high school. I did submit a short story once that, when I came across it just recently, embarrassed me!


  2. Do it! Do it, do it, do it! Don’t feel bad if you spend a few weeks away at a time to regroup. Be delighted for the progress you do make and you’ll get there in time, which definitely won’t be the case if you don’t act. Write. 🙂

    I’m like G. My brain is constantly running. Reading, fortunately, helps it switch into mode for a few hours of sleep. I always wake up in the wee hours, but 95% of the time, I’m able to doze back off.


    1. I probably wont’ need a few weeks 🙂 Once I put my mind to it the words just flow off my fingers. Back in the day, I actually wrote with a …. pen! I have the bump on my finger to prove it!

      Sometimes I wish there was a switch on the back of out heads that turned off all higher brain function for a few hours. G keeps me awake when she can’t sleep, then I get cranky.


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