Really need to write more, keeps me from getting all winky in the head when things go wrong.  I’m at the hospital waiting for my wife to get done with some nasal surgery.  Pretty standard stuff according to the doctor and the sub-hour surgery time proves he was right.  She is already in recovery only after 50 mins of being back there.  I’ve never had a sinus infection, which is what triggered the need for surgery in the first place, but based on how she was during those multiple weeks of anti-biotics, I hope I don’t have to endure one.  Waiting for her to be out of recovery is the reason I decided to write something.

I got a new job.  Well, its more like a 2 grade promotion with the same company in a different business group.  Moving from Windows Administrator to a Sr. Project Manager in Information Security.  In more basic terms, I’m moving from trench work to knowledge work guiding the guys in the trenches.  I did 7 years of servitude in Information Security at a previous job so I’m not too concerned that I’ll miss the trench work.  I will admit though, having a lot of trench work certainly made the day go by fast.  My new job will be much more thinking, convincing, explaining, and a lot less manual work.  I’m ready for it.

My relationship with my one and only brother, younger than me, has been strained the last several years.  Seems the older we get the more different we become and I grew tired of trying to accept him for who he was when that wasn’t reciprocated.  Anyway, they just bought a new Chevy Equinox and traded in their Toyota Camry (I think).  The only response I could muster to the text message he sent (yes, text) was “You’ll wish you got a minivan.”  My brother and sister-in-law have resorted to sending text messages to both my wife and I whenever they need to get in touch with us.  We on the other hand will always call both of their phones, always at different times of the day, and NEVER get anything other than voicemail.  We then receive a text response shortly thereafter in answer to the voicemail we left.  Why not just pick up the phone?  You can’t be “putting the kids down” at all hours of the day making it impossible to answer your phone!

It’s almost that time for me to hopefully go back and see my wife.  I’m sure she is asking to see me and I know her Mom will want to see her asap.  They both have this funny thing where they don’t believe each other saying they’re ok until they actually see that they’re ok.  Strange, but I’ve learned not to fight it as that tends to just make things harder for me in the long run.