Nasa Apollo Programmer: Margaret Hamilton

A colleague at work posted this article to our internal social media service and I was fascinated with the article.  I was taken back by the fact that a woman in the 60’s was so involved with the space program to the extent that she was.  Not because I’m a “typical man” or because I never thought it possible, but more because I’ve never heard of her until now.  It’s amazing to me that she was able to accomplish so much in a time when it wasn’t the established standard.  I can only imagine the obstacles she faced getting the point where she was an integral part of the navigation programming that helped land people on the moon.

There need to be more stories like this posted and talked about so that young women, rather women in general, become more interested in technology at large.  I have tremendous respect for the women that fight the standard to go on an accomplish fantastic feats.  History is marked with events that imply women are inferior to men, which I think is complete bullshit.  Some of the most interesting people I’ve had the honor of knowing where women.  One such person, a former teacher, inspired me to head into a career direction I had not previously thought of going into.  I’m sitting at a job now that is the conclusion of that career change and I can’t be any happier.

I encourage you to read the article all the way through.  It really is a fascinating story and seeing that even now, she owns a company that is continuing to program.  Amazing!