It’s been an interesting weekend.  Not exactly the kind of weekend that you would like to rewind and play again, but interesting none the less.  The wife and I have been looking at appliances for the new house for a few days and decided to head over to Best Buy (the anti-christ of bait and switch) and see what kind of packages they had.  We had no intention of buying anything, however the wife presented with a package deal that was drastically reduced, the opportunity to say “we saved xxxx” was too great to ignore.  At the end of the day, I had to increase my limit on the Best Buy card to pay for it all, a requirement to get the additional % discount that made the deal workable.  We walked out of the store with my thoughts focused on “we purchased appliances for a house we don’t even own yet”.  I sure hope they can take a cancellation if anything happens between now and then.

The daughter and I decided to head out for lunch yesterday because we hadn’t for a while.  It was her choice to pick and of course, McDonalds it was.  Thankfully they serve breakfast all day now, so its tolerable and I’m not praying to the porcelain God to make it all stop a few hours after eating said McDonalds.  As I was eating the second breakfast burrito, my tongue was scraping on something stuck in my tooth in the back.  Well, it was something stuck, it was the familiar edge of a broken tooth, back molar to be exact, that was now not a whole tooth but a 3/4 tooth.  Upside, it wasn’t painful so the break below the gumline hadn’t made its way to the nerve.  Downside, I now had to decide if I wanted it pulled or capped, neither of which I have money for at this point (see previous paragraph).

On top of all this happening this weekend, my wife informed me LAST NIGHT that we had the home inspection on our new place at 9am and it would take about three hours.  She “asked” in a tone that said “be there” for the inspection as she needed to head out for work before the end of the inspection.  So now, after taking off the week of our move and eating up all my paid time off, I now had to fake being sick so that I could be there to the end of the inspection.  My job pays all the bills and keep the house going and my wife’s job is her play money and is part time.  I’m not trying to lessen her contribution to the household, however there needs to be some priorities when the income that sustains the house is being sacrificed for a part-time job.   I’ve got a strong work ethic and I had lying to get out of work.  The only positive out of this is that the lie I used was to get my cracked tooth fixed, so technically its a half lie, but that doesn’t make any of it any better.

I’m skeptical at this point that this move is going to be a smooth one.  I can easily see lots of issues that will cause some frustration in the very near future.  The fact that my mother-in-law just had her knee replaced is making the non-medicated wife even more on edge than usual and its been a struggle to get anything other than attitude and tone from her.  Even the simplest things have become hard in my opinion.  Only time will tell if this is the right choice or not.  Everything is tolerable as long as my office (room in the basement) is not utilized for anything other than my office.  I need a cave to hide and recoup every once in a while.