Have you read this lately?

Patriotic holidays often make me feel like we’re missing the point.  July 4th, which is in three days, is a celebration America’s independence from the British monarchy.  There were thousands of lives lost on both sides of the American Revolution and most people don’t realize, if it wasn’t for some help from some other countries we would have never won that fight.  The Declaration of Independence is a masterpiece of writing that is worth the time to read, look up words, understand, and keep reading until the end.  A form of writing that is all but gone in these modern times of electronics, Internet, and instant gratification consumption of media.

We, as Americans, should be more grateful for the people that sacrificed over two hundred years ago for the freedom we all take for granted today.  Even I am guilty of taking things for granted and it is something I actively engage in stopping.  I have a flag on the front of my house that is prominently displayed.  I bring it in at night, I make sure it doesn’t touch the ground, it’s never gotten wet when I could help it.  I see the flag as a symbol of freedom and sacrifice that demands my unconditional respect without question.

All of us are responsible and accountable for making sure the true meaning of Patriotic holidays are understood.

  • Veterans Day – day of honoring our service men and women
  • Memorial Day – day of remembrance for fallen service men and women
  • Independence Day – day of celebration for our Independence and Freedom

I know there are more than these three that count as a patriotic holiday.  These are the ones that all of us should recognize and remember without hesitation.  Fly your flag.  If you don’t have a flag, get one, then fly it.  Look up the rules of respect for the flag.  Thank someone that has or is currently in the armed forces.  Above all, teach your kids that it’s important to do all these things.

Patriotism is contagious, go infect someone.