Three Things Thursday – 09/08/2016


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain

Bring the happy!

Facebook Memories


My wife posted a picture from her memory feed the other day that I had forgotten about.  This is my daughter dressed up in a Dinosaur costume that she wore around the house until the thing fell apart one year.  She is 4 in this picture I think.  This one picture totally made my day yesterday!  I’m still opposed to Facebook and what it stands for, but if I don’t end up deleting my account, I’ll decrease my Friends list to just immediate family and close friends (all people I see regularly in real life).



We had an old dresser in the garage that I had desperately wanted to throw away.  My wife refused and said she wanted to make something she saw on Pinterest.  I hounded her for weeks until she finally got around to doing it because if I didn’t, I’d be posting about it this time next year about the dresser that wasn’t thrown away.  As you can see, she did an awesome job turning it into a backpack nook and shoe repository (so I’m not tripping over them when I walk in).  Good example of an upcycle.

Powerhouse Project Manager


Before, in all its tan and wood chair rail glory.  Note that the room where you’de expect chair rail to be, the Dining Room, is strangely absent of chair rail.


After (ignore the Dining Room)

Again, my wife, the powerhouse she is, has transformed our Living Room in our new house.  It was absolutely horrible when we first moved in (before) and now is something that I enjoy walking into every day (after).  I was done with tan/brown/red/orange color schemes and wanted to go with more of a white/grey/blue color scheme.  The walls are light grey and the back wall is a dark blue.  A blue as close to the Dr. Who TARDIS blue that I could find at Lowes.  I think it was a good choice.  We still have the Dining Room (background) and the Kitchen to complete.


  1. What a sensational dinosaur outfit… I’m not surprised it got worn so much.
    I see your house, like ours, had dado rails… honestly, what are they about? Ours also got ripped off in short order. I love the idea of having a wall the colour of the TARDIS.

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  2. I am extremely jealous of the dinosaur outfit! Oh, if that were mine, I would have worn it until it were threadbare, too! 🙂

    Woot for TARDIS blue! That’s the color we chose for our dining room and one of the bathrooms…we’ve not regretted it for a moment. 🙂 (And it looks fantastic with the dandelion yellow I chose for the kitchen.)

    Your wife did a wonderful job with the old dresser! I’ve been keeping an eye out for the perfect shelves for a similar purpose…now I’ve been inspired to broaden the possibilities. Perhaps a quirky dresser would serve the purpose equally well!

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  3. Oh my, I do believe the world would be a much better place if we all had dino costumes! And thumbs up on the innovative upcycle and your lovely living room transformation. A most excellent choice going with Tardis blue!

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