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In the northeast, these stores are everywhere.  They are like 7-Eleven, Turkey Hill, Stop N’ Shop, etc.  A convenience store with drinks, coffee, food, and odds and ends type items in a pinch when a grocery store visit is too hard to stomach.  Their coffee is cheap but good, the food is decent, and the people are always helpful and nice.  If I didn’t have my Wawa to hit in the morning or afternoon, I’d be lost.  It’s the store with the funny name!



I have yet to come across anything that I can’t managed to get into a burrito shell.  A local store near me started selling full sized 12″ burrito shells and I’ve been going crazy putting everything I eat into a shell.  Ok, it’d be a little hard to get cereal and milk into a burrito, but give me enough time to experiement, and I’d make it happen.  Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a burrito is a definite possibility.



 I can hear you now, audits suck.  Well, I disagree under certain circumstances.  In this case, I’m enjoying our annual ISO 27001 audit because I was fantastically preprared.  One day into the full two-day audit and not a single issue has been raised yet.  Yes, there is still another day, however the hard controls are behind us and the rest is just fluff.  So, I’m happy that the audit is going awesome as it means I did a good job and I have another year of potential employment 🙂

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