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Bring the happy!


spotifyI’m absolutely loving Spotify. No, I’m not a reseller and I’m not being compensated for saying that. This is a music service for people who like to listen to new music all the time but still appreciate a mix of old and new mixed together in a specific genre. This weeks TTT music album recommendation was discovered just yesterday. Although I have been listening to Pillar for years, I rarely know when they release new albums unless I remember to hit a music service and actually look. Spotify seeing I have liked several Pillar songs, automatically recommended the new album to me, to which I’ve listened to several times in the last few days. I’ve even gone so far as to become a premium user and actually pay for the service. Saving content to your device for offline listening is worth every penny to save on data usage (download via wi-fi, listen offline).

Educational Administration

deptofeducationYou’re probably thinking this is an odd one based on some of my previous posts about the educational system. In a rare experience this week, the administration actually had a glimmer of logic and compassion and actually helped assist with a very difficult situation my daughter found herself. Details aren’t necessary, however, the administration supported my argument and recommendation for remediating the problem based on the evidence I had to support my complaints. The defending party had nothing in the way of evidence let alone a compelling argument to support any other outcome other than the one that favored my daughter. I expect it to never happen like this ever again, but there is potential to be surprised again 🙂

Rigged 2016


I found a link to this movie from one of my Twitter followers who is heavy into the election this year and completely opposed to the two-party system. After watching the movie, quite a few theories I had came together essentially at the same time. The movie is a freebie on the website or on Vimeo and is worth the hour of your time to watch. It has a similar vibe to some other documentaries I’ve written about and is primarily focused on people and how they feel about the two-party system. Gary Johnson is featured, and Jill Stein is mentioned several times, however this isn’t about the candidates. It’s about breaking up the two-party system of corruption and greed.

TTT Music Album Recommendation

One Love Revolution
by Pillar