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Bring the happy!


Nom nom nom

This was the sight I came down to this morning and I thought “Stitch is trying to eat the railing!”  A chuckle at 5:30am is worthy of a picture and a share on Three Things Thursday.  My daughter has been obsessed with Lilo & Stitch for several years now and when we were in Disney last year, we had breakfast with them.  She was happy, so worth every penny.

William Shakespeare

“I would not put a thief into my mouth to steal my brains.”

My daughter is only in fourth grade, yet easily reads and comprehends on an eighth grade level.  Her teachers are amazed at how well she can read and I’m hoping that the IQ evaluation she’s taking this month will tell me what I already know.  I have a feeling that school is going to become very boring for her in the coming years so my wife and I will need to stay on top of “extra” work that challenges her to stay motivated.

Alexandar Hamilton


As you may already know if you read my blog on a regular basis, I was in New York this past weekend and had a chance to visit Trinity Church.  The same Trinity Church that was used to film National Treasure, but I was unable to get inside due to a wedding taking place.  The next best thing was outside, where I got to visit the grave site of Alexander Hamilton, one of the most influential people of the late 1700’s during a time when our country was being forged into the history books.

The PATRIOT of incorruptible INTEGRITY.
The SOLDIER of approved VALOUR.
The STATESMAN of consumate WISDOM.
Where TALENTS and VIRTUES will be admired.

BONUS:  John Watts


As a bonus fourth thing this Thursday, while I was at the Trinity Church graveyard, I saw a statue to the one end and walked over.  John Watts was interestingly, the last Recorder of New York under the English Crown appointed in 1774, two years before the Colonies declared independence from the English Crown in 1776.  Interestingly, he continued to serve in government and was elected as a Federalist to the 3rd United States Congress and served from 1793 to 1795.

I’m fasicated by our countries history and we would all benefit from taking some time out of our lives to learn about our history to better understand our present and future.  The Federalist party in particular, had some really interesting ideology that is strikingly similar to our Libertarian and Constitution political parties today.

Daughter Approved!

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