Three Things Thursday – 12/1/2016


Inspired by Ms. Emily’s Home for Full-Grown Nerds

Bring the happy!

Reusing What’s Available

We’re in the process of updating our home since moving in this past June.  It’s been a struggle to say the least and has resulted in lots of heated debate in color choices, how to add color outside of grey/blue/white and of course what to buy new and what to repurpose.  Being on a minimalist path, I’m all for throwing things away or giving them away.  My wife is a closet hoarder and keeps things well past their usefullness.  Well, knowing her unwillingness to throw out and/or replace things, I decided to instead paint things to make them useful again in our decor theme.

We had Baldwin Brass all over the house and we both hate brass.  It’s all shiny and brassy and screams at you in sneering silence “I’m shiny, you must worship me.”  I covered that crap up with spray paint and it has come out quite well.  I repainted 12 switch covers, 43 outlet covers, and re-used the hardware in the powder room.

A nice non-shiny nikel with sparkly bits for character

Here is an example of a repurposed shelf.  I painted the metal sides in the same color as the switch and outlet plates and the three triangles in the Rogue Blue we used as the accent wall color in the Living Room and Dining Room.

Would have been “Free to a good home” if I didn’t figure out a way to repurpose it that ALSO made the wife happy.


I’m continually impressed with this dog’s loyalty and attention to what is going on around the house.  She is 110 pounds of fur and muscle but thinks she is half that weight when she rips through the house.  Lots of things half been broken.  This is her standard stance awaiting me to pet her head, all the time, whenever I’m home…..that is, unless my wife is home, then I’m invisible.

Yes, my ears are the size of satellite dishes and my feet *will* hurt if I accidentally step on your feet.

Daily Lifeline

Here is my essential equipment for the morning.  I’m unapproachable every morning until I’ve had my first cup of fresh hot coffee from this well used machine.  I had a K-Cup explode on me a few days ago and still have not got around to cleaning out the grounds in the top, which I highlighted for humor.

Will you clean up that damn spilled coffee already?!

TTT Music Album Recommendation

I approve this rock!

Awaken the Fire
by Like a Storm


  1. Good job of re-purposing and bringing the fixtures into the 21st century. I’m not wild about brass either. I move 2 years ago and still not completely done but have had extenuating circumstances. I didn’t know those little cups would blow up like that. I had a Keurig for awhile. Didn’t care for it and left it behind. My son sold his. They take up a lot of room. Love your dog. They are entertaining creatures. Miss having one…sometimes. 🙂

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    1. I have a love/hate relationship with my Keurig, but value fresh coffee above all else….unless the Kcup explodes, then the gloves are off, lol. My wife was certainly happy with my re-purposing only because I didn’t just toss them to the curb, she likes her stuff.

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      1. I’m a closet hoarder too. Of books and fabric and all things crafty and sentimental. But space is a limited thing so much is being moved on. As soon as I get my last temp resident moved out, more clearing of clutter will take place. It’s quite draining of energy.

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  2. Those shelves look great! I, too, am a fan of painting and re-using things…though I’m a fan of a dull-ish bronze color. (I’m pretty sure I keep Krylon in business with all of my painting shenanigans.) 😉

    Your dog is fabulous! As Grace would say, “That is one high quality dog you have there!” 😀

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  3. I was both a closet hoarder and an impulsive shopper before I discovered some useful things that have helped me change my habits. (1) As to the hoarding of things, I find the courage to send it to the local Veterans organization for rehab or resale if it is something I have not used within the space of one year. (2) As to impulsive purchasing — I look at something I think I might want to own and I fondle it and mull it over and stare at it and play with it maybe but then I deliberately walk away. If I still want whatever it was 24 hours after I first saw it and if I want it with the same intensity as when I first saw it, then I go back and buy it. I have saved thousands of dollars with the wait awhile tactic of buying I have just described.

    I love your dog. That is a dog that nobody could not love at first sight. That dog just exudes “Love Me! Pet me! Feed Me!”

    Your idea about debrassing the brassiness of the brass is great!

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