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Upgrades Mean Passdowns

It’s the back of the television, and I do have the other mounting bracket as it was not re-attached after moving.

Now that there is a 55″ television upstairs, and my daughter has the 40″ that used to be there, I’ve inherited the 32″ that currently doesn’t have a home.  I’m trying to decide if its worth mounting to the wall in my office opposite my desk, or if its just worthy of selling for $50 or $75.  It would be nice to have the ability to watch a movie when there are things going on in the house that don’t involve me and I’m hiding in my office.  Oh well, regardless of what I do, I now have a television without a home that may or may not be installed on my office wall.

Target Furniture

I don’t recall if I shared this or not and I’m too lazy to review past posts to find out, lol

My wife purchased this shelf because it was ridiculously cheap on  I didn’t ask how much, but I was requested to put it together.  Here it is, and it matches sort of to the color scheme we picked for the main floor.  Notice that there is nothing on it, there STILL isn’t anything on it even today.  I’m curious as to why we needed a shelf to put stuff on, with no stuff to put on it, for the only reason of filling a space that was remarked as “this space needs something.”  Whatever, it’s done and in it’s spot.  I may fill it with Buddha statues just to prove a point that we don’t need a shelf to house our non-existent stuff.

Windows 10 on 6 year old Computer

Microsoft said it couldn’t be done, I did it anyway.  Windows 10 on a 6 year old computer!  Yeah!

The picture is pretty much self-explanatory.  I smashed Windows 10 on a 6 year old computer that had only Windows 7 drivers available.  It worked although with some minor usability issues.  I’m working through those one at a time and slowly making it more stable.  Whether it will remain that way remains to be seen.  The point is that I did it when they said it wasn’t recommended.

TTT Music Album Recommendation

I approve this rock!

by The Dreaming