Reluctantly got a new smartphone

I finally had enough of paying for a smart phone that slowly became obsolete as app development shifted from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile.  I wrote several times about HTC and Microsoft if you’re interested in hitting the archives.  I had made all the payments required to qualify for a “turn-in upgrade,” essentially meaning I gave them the phone back.  My original intent was to fight with AT&T and get out of my finance agreement so that I didn’t have to continue paying $133 additional and go a few months without a finance payment.

They actually pulled up the contract I signed (and didn’t read at the time) that clearly indicated that my choice was to turn in the phone and get a new phone (with new agreement) or pay to the end of the contract (another $133).  I relented, pushed harder for anything to be done that relinquished this HTC phone without me having to sign into another finance contract, but it was clear to me their hands were as tied as mine were.  I made a few comments about the fact that being a customer since 1999 has no merit, getting the ditch by HTC was a crappy move and the whole idea of a mobile phone has forced us to worship the glowing screen of complacency.

In the end, I got an S7.  Yes, I could have gone with something cheaper in the mid-range market.  I could have even have gone with a no-name high-end device and still probably have paid less.  My fear was that anything other than a device that has sold millions of units ran the risk of pulling an HTC and ending support without warning.  My monthly payments are only a few cents different so I’m using that $133 on something that is fully functional and fully supported.  I’ve decided to run lean on applications and work to remove this device from the focal point of my daily activities.  No NFC payments, no fingerprint single-sign-on, no social apps that demand attention at every ding.  I do know for sure that it will at least get Android 7.0 and be more than functional for at least the next 2 years, possibly three.  By then, I hope to have finances where I can purchase a new mobile device outright and never need the stupid financing option again.

Still couldn’t do Apple, although I did contemplate it for approximately 0.25 seconds.

10 thoughts on “Reluctantly got a new smartphone

  1. I am looking to upgrade mine soon….I have been a Motorola fan since the old Razr….I have an older Moto E and it still serves me well…have a good day….chuq

  2. actual key boards were my favorite feature of the old phones. Not so much the flip, but the screen slid to reveal the key pad underneath. Then there was the time I had a blackberry. It was a work phone. Easy no.

  3. Hope you enjoy your new phone! I’ve been happy that my iPhone 6 has lasted more than two years. Hoping for three, I imagine after that the latest OS will make it too sluggish to keep.

    1. I’m sure it will as long as Apple keeps pushing updates to it. One thing that I’ve religiously done with every smart phone I’ve had is a hard reset after a version update. Everything these days is backed up and it just takes a little time to reinstall all your apps. A hard reset often cures most issues a phone experiences after an update as pieces of the previous version tend to linger around.

      My daughters iPhone 5 just got updated to iOS 10 (it’s off network and wifi only) and after a hard reset and restore of data only, it runs as fast as it did in iOS 9 previously.

      1. Thanks for the tip, I’ll make sure to keep that in mind. The iPhone 6 has been my favorite, and I can’t see how much more they’d improve on it for someone like me. We recently found an iPhone 4 that we’d lost, so I’m gonna try to reset it and see if that’ll make it run a little better. If not, it’s pretty old anyway.

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