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I finally hit 100 followers after just over 5 years. Admittedly though, my blog wasn’t “public” until the past year, so it’s a little misleading. Happy to have finally reached that milestone and hope that I continue to organically add followers as I continue to improve my writing, both in content and style. For better balance in my life and to let Life Between 0 and 1 be for it’s original purpose, I’ve created Mission Politics for all the politically driven posts I have been publishing here.  Going forward, non-politics is here and politics is on Mission Politics.

Office 365


Disclaimer, I’m not getting paid for this. I’ve recently tapped into all the benefits of an Office 365 subscription (not enterprise, consumer). With the subscription, that is now three years old, I get 5 installations of Office 2016 Professional, 1 TB of OneDrive storage for up to 5 people (5TB in total), and 60 Skype minutes for up to 5 people (300 minutes in total); Skype calls to non-Skype users that is. I’ve just recently farmed out the subscriptions to family/friends to install their own copy of Office 2016 and get 1TB of OneDrive storage for backups, storage of pictures, etc. I’m happy that I’m finally taking advantage of all the benefits of the annual subscription 🙂

Voter Registration – Change of Party


I finally did it. I exited the Democratic party officially and am now registered as a Libertarian (once it’s processed that is). It was necessary for me to do this mentally. I’ve come to disgust the majority of policies the Democratic party is pushing and of course, distrust them after the Sanders/Clinton DNC controversy. Republicans aren’t much better and as I’m not a conservative by any measure, I’ve never associated with the majority of their policies. Politicians are essentially the same anyway, so party affiliation is sort of an irrelevant point. My registration change, among other things, is to raise awareness of the fact that third parties (and even fourth parties) are relevant and should be included with the political process in this country. A modernization to the Electoral College is necessary to make this a reality, still quite a few years away, if ever in my opinion.

TTT Album Recommendation

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Devil in Disguise
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