Three Things Thursday – 04/06/2017


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain


Backyard Lake



No, we can’t go swimming in that….Ew!


Earlier this week we had some crazy rain one day and this was the result.  Off our backyard is an overflow water retention area that collects water so that the sewer system isn’t overloaded.  When it rains hard, we get a rather impressive lake of sorts in our backyard.  The ground was so saturated that we were getting water in our sump pit that was periodically being pumped outside.  It was a really crappy day but I was happy that our sump pump was working and didn’t need to be replaced (as was the case with so much else in this house the last 10 months).  Yay for underground pumps keeping the basement dry!

Another Painting


The wife had a bunch of friends over last weekend to have a painting party.  They get together monthly for some random activity that months host decides on and I’m happy they spend money on tangible things rather than on alcohol (which is what they used to do).  This is one of her best paintings and will certainly get a worthy spot on the wall in my office.  I’m starting to run out of wall space though, so I may need to come up with a genius plan to extend the available space so I can keep hanging her artwork.  If I ever get around to building the enclosure around the sump pit and the radon exhaust system in the corner of my office, I’ll add quite a bit of new wall space.  Motivation, where are you?

Fuzz Butt Cuteness



I’m being cute.  Look!  Take my picture!


Our cat, Harley, was being cute again on Tuesday night.  He was even looking at me when I took the picture as if to say he knows he’s cute.  The fuzz butt was repaying me with this shot for having yacked in the only room in the entire house with carpet.  Queue the steam cleaner at 5:30am in the morning because if I didn’t clean it up, my wife would have definitely stepped in it.  I opted to clean it up as that annoyance was so much smaller than the phone call from the wife saying she stepped in it and yelling at me for not cleaning it up.  He’s almost 12 by the way, with bad teeth that cause sinus infections and weepy eyes.  Fuzz butt cuteness makes up for any frustration we have with him though.

TTT Weekly Music Recommendation



by Red Handed Denial


  1. OKay the lake is impressive… it is the street that becomes a river,,,still have not got the drainage right 10 years after Katrina…..painting…very good love impressionism……I have 2 dogs that own my butt…whatever they want they get…..LOL chuq

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    1. For someone who doesn’t paint well, my wife will always gravitate towards impressionism as there is no wrong way to paint it. I too have a dog as well, that decided to alpha with my wife, so I’m chopped liver, lol. The cat and dog are spoiled over here for sure.

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    1. I still have not hung it up in my office yet, still sitting on the buffet server waiting for it’s permanent home. I’m also in agreement it looks sewn the way the colors are separated from yellow to blue.



    1. The wife really is getting good at painting, to the point I’ve tossed a few ideas at her for the next one. I’m a fan of dark blue, grey and black. We don’t have a spot bot, but do have a steam cleaner that looks like an oversized vacuum; the thing is a beast to use but does a fantastic job cleaning up messes.



      1. We have both types of cleaners, but mostly because we haven’t yet gotten rid of the upright. I had arm/shoulder issues and the SpotBot was just easier for me to deal with. Since I mostly work from home I’m the one who finds most of the messes. When we only had the upright I’d definitely be thankful for the hubs doing the pee cleanup. You’re undoubtedly a good man ?

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  2. I’m so glad the “lake” stayed outside where it belongs. ?
    That painting is great! I’m sure you’ll find the very perfect spot for it. I’m loving the idea of regularly scheduled get togethers with friends for activities. I have three ladies-only gaming weekends per year, but maybe I should create a “let’s do stuff” group. ?
    Your kitty is adorable! ? (I have an aging dog with a couple of medical issues…I feel your pain.)
    Have a great week(end)!

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  3. I am not going to fish for positive remarks here because I want to lend a positive observation: That painting your wife did with the birch trees (I am assuming they are birch trees) is really excellent … kind of like French Impressionism … very well lit … very much a fine example of decorator art … whoever did that painting is very talented and I am suggesting that she enter something in a local contest or exhibit.

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