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The Dog

Seriously?  Why you no pet me?

I worked from home on Monday and apparently the dog was a little lonely.  She came down to visit me in my office in the basement and after jamming her wet nose into my elbow a few times, she finally gave up and sat down against the wall.  She kept looking at me with a horribly sad look on her face.  I’m not sure if she is cleverly manipulative or I’m projecting my own human emotions onto her canine facial expressions, but she ended up getting to sit in my recliner to the left out of view.

No, I not drooling on your comforter.

Later on Monday, after a long hard day of staring at me with “puppy dog eyes”, she was apparently really tired.  That must be really hard work.  She took to slowly sliding down the chaise lounge chair in the corner of my bedroom while the wife read.

Increasing Viewership


I’ve been writing for EPV now for just over 3 months and am loving every minute of it.  I doubled my unique views from March to April to end up with the above number.  If only I could get that kind of viewership here, that’d be really cool.  Rather than toss out as many pieces as I can, I’ve taken a more measured approach and take my time writing and publishing a piece every few days.  It really paid off for April and I’m on track to do more views in May.  Hard to believe the EPV site is only 8 months old!

Back In The Day:  ROFL Copter


Something a little new and hopefully a regular entry to my TTT weekly post.  I was sent this from a colleague at work for saying something really funny on a conference call that no one could actually laugh to.  It’s now made the rounds several times over between all of us at work and it’s still going.  It made me quietly reflect for several days of all the things we used to do “back in teh day” when computers were new and relegated to the nerds and geeks of the world.  I’ll be digging into my past and pulling out some gems to remind myself of days long past when it was actually fun to talk to most people you found online, aka Pre-Troll-ERA.

TTT Weekly Music Recommendation


Royals (Rock Version)

by Relic Hearts