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Daughter Art


I can’t recall if I shared this already, but it’s a good one none the less.  The daughter did this drawing for me when she came to work with me a few weeks ago.  Obsessed with dragons, dinosaurs and Pokemon, her abilities as an artist are exponentially growing the more she draws.  This particular one was done by finding a picture online, and then freehanding it onto paper.  The colors are her own because she told me the original colors were boring.  I hope this is something she keeps with her well into adulthood as drawing apparently is extremely cathartic.

Happy Birthday Shenanigans


My cubicle neighbor turned 50 this past Sunday.  Not to be outdone in returned favors, a co-worker that turned 50 a few weeks back, with a decorated cubicle by my neighbor, had the favor returned using the same materials.  She walked in and left it up most of the morning before taking it down.  That’s a good sport in my book.  No one knows my birthday in the office for this very reason, so no decorations for me, which is how I like it to be.

Back In The Day:  All your base belong to us!


Before there were PS4’s and XBox Ones, with their near reality resolution and graphics, we had to put up with graphics like in the picture above.  This was advanced for the time and often, translations were done rather poorly resulting in the iconic line displayed.  This was the rally cry of nerds everywhere when they achieved a major accomplishment in the games of the time.  It certainly brought back memories of playing Quake III:  Arena and StarCraft:  Brood Wars.  Both games had their own iconic sayings that I fondly remember.  I miss the days of games that, well, looked like games.

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