Migration complete

Migration was successful and all is where it should be.  So, there’s this cool feature where you can migrate all your followers from an old blog to a new blog.  I just did that, so you don’t need to re-follow if you were already following.  Not that it mattered, but if you already decided once to read what I’m writing about there wasn’t a need to go through having to do that again.

There shouldn’t be any surprise that this would have been hard to do, but the details involved were overwhelming at points.  I’m glad I did this as it gives me the flexibility in making this site exactly what I want it to be.  Getting a custom header, designed by someone on Fiverr.com.  The site is super fast at least from my perspective.  I even have some awesome plugins installed that improve readability of my writing.

If there is interest, I’ll make a post about the process of moving from WordPress.com to self-hosted (but managed) WordPress.  My main drive behind actually even considering this was the site migration I did two weeks ago.  That was a much larger move and it involved well over 1GB of files, pictures, etc.  The added complication of DNS and content delivery made that move more difficult.  My little sites move was cake.  Hopefully I got all the details right and it all just works.

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