I have spent an inordinate amount of time working with this new block editor customizing my site theme. At least, I was attempting to customize my site’s theme, but the block editor for pages had other ideas. I don’t quite understand why it was necessary to incorporate the block editor into the site theme customizer and not give any visual que as to where spacers, grouped boxes, columns, etc. are on the screen. I just had to click around on the screen trying to find the correct outline so that I could get to the settings I wanted to update and hopefully have it appear on the screen the way I saw it in my head.

In attempting to create a static home page and secondary blog page, I went from optimistically hopeful to mildly irritated to pessimistically angry. I fully get why “legacy widgets” need to exist and still be available, but if you’re using a modern template the legacy widgets just shouldn’t be available. The mix of legacy widget and modern block widgets makes for an odd mix of spacing that drives my ocd “everything must line up” brain into crazy land. That wasn’t the worse problem I ran into though and also not the reason I abandoned the whole project all together. I put a post carousel on the home page with the last four posts rolling every seven seconds. In the editor everything showed perfectly fine, but when I did a preview, no featured images. I published the page thinking it was a problem with the draft preview, no featured images. I even turned off my ad blocker and tried three browsers, no featured images. I was a step away from……..

I ended getting to the point of giving up and going back to the previous setup of a dynamic page displaying my posts. I still have the static home and blog page published but not linked anywhere to try again perhaps at some point in the future. Who knows. WordPress needs to get their help a little easier to search as I couldn’t find a anything on this particular problem and a web search yielded results that left me closing the browser tab. Reaching out to happiness engineer somehow didn’t feel right for something so simple, at least to me, to figure out and I refuse to admit defeat in this war. I have only lost a battle at this point.

If anyone has had this happen and figured it out, I would appreciate any advice.