I'm ready for a vacation

The last few months I've become painfully aware of one truth that I had, for years, denied myself from believing. It's the truth that unless something drastically changes in the lives of my family, we're going to forever be owing money to other people. Mortgage loan servicers, credit card companies, auto financiers, utility companies, insurance … Continue reading I'm ready for a vacation

Humans don't need to suffer like this

This is an opinion piece based on the article below. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/27/world/africa/famine-somalia-nigeria-south-sudan-yemen-water.html?partner=msft_msn&_r=0 How bad does the world have to get before we start to realize that it's not all clean tap water, endless food buffets and golden toilets that whisk our poop away?  Real people, children, are suffering an agonizing slow death because of a comparatively … Continue reading Humans don't need to suffer like this

Monday randomness

It has been quite an interesting week or so, lots of things going on that will have an impact on my life over the next few weeks to few months.  First thing's first though, my "cave" is now complete because I have now mounted that television that's been sitting on the floor for weeks.  Here … Continue reading Monday randomness

Missed my Monday post (updated)

It was an interesting weekend that capped off with something really awesome.....I was picked up as a contributor to EatPrayVote.  I'll soon be removing all anonymity from this blog, but won't be advertising my full name in too many places.  It's related to the fact that I wanted to contribute under my real name rather … Continue reading Missed my Monday post (updated)