iPhone got chewed

I’ve been increasingly frustrated with my daughters use of devices that run on electricity with a connection to the Internet. Her addiction to these devices is becoming quite concerning for me as I see her emulating my wife’s use of the same type of devices. A recent conversation with my wife over the weekend consisted… Read More iPhone got chewed

Going Off the Grid

Watching a webinar recently on the Internet of Things (IoT), I had the idea to think through the idea of completely disconnecting off the grid and stopping your online electronic trail. I’ll admit that this is an extreme measure that most people would not attempt as it seems impossible. Many of life’s conveniences require a connected… Read More Going Off the Grid

Ransomware Evil

I’m an avid reader of all things tech, and every one in a while an article comes along that is so brilliantly simple, its worth sharing.  Here’s the original article if interested in reading it. 8 tips for preventing ransomware To sum up the article quickly, here are the 8 tips: Backup your files regularly… Read More Ransomware Evil