Windows 8: Way Too Early for the Hype | PCWorld Business Center

Windows 8: Way Too Early for the Hype | PCWorld Business Center.

As much as I absolutely LOVE the MetroUI that is currently being sported on Windows Phone 7 devices, I have to agree that the hype of Windows 8 so early is a warning.  I recall, and those old enough to remember, that Windows ME and Windows Vista both were touted early in their development cycle and both bombed in their own right.


Author: Andrew

I'm a middle aged technology geek with a life long passion for computers, technology, politics, science and all the bits in the middle between 0 and 1. I used to be a liberal but have mellowed in my advanced years to be more of a moderate conservative with a side of progressive for variety. What that means? Well, that means I carefully weigh all points, listen to what people are saying, then make an informed opinion that makes sense to the largest number of people without being fundamentally unfair. I run a personal blog, help manage and write for a community blog, and manage many other sites for various local businesses. I'm not perfect and failure is always an option, it's how we all learn.

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