Hello, not new to blogging, but new to this particular blog.  I’m a self-described geek and have been for several years, give or take a few.  I love technology and everything there is surrounding it.  My life is full of family and have a lovely wife [G] and a daughter [C], and a cat [H].  There isn’t much time left for my passions except here and there and let me just say thank you for the smartphone, otherwise I’d never keep up on the latest tech news.  For instance, I’m waiting to hear when AT&T is going to release Windows Phone 7.5 for my “not quite a year old” phone.

I tend to read more than post, but do manage to come across some really interesting stuff and certainly will share.  I don’t expect a lot, and my interests in reading generally fall into a single “it’s interesting to me” category and can’t be put into a category.  My mind works in many directions at the same time, all the time, and my reflected thoughts online aren’t any different.

Should you decide to follow, thank you.  Should you decide to keep moving, I hold no grudges.  I would like to leave you with one question:  “Is your internet filtered?”